Pixel Watch can turn off automatically when it gets too hot

Like Pixel phones, the Pixel Watch can turn off automatically when it gets too hot. This is what a user recently found out after leaving the watch in the car all day. When they came back, the wearable’s screen showed the message “Watch was too warm” from the System Settings app, followed by the description “It has been turned off to cool down and is now running normally.”

Pixel Watch turned off automatically after overheating

According to Google, the Pixel Watch works best in ambient temperatures (32-95°F or 0-35°C). The company states that ideally you should store it in ambient temperatures of -4°F and 113°F, i.e. -20°C and 45°C. Exposing the watch to temperatures above 45°C (113°F), for example on a car dashboard or near a heater vent, can damage the watch. The battery could overheat and there is a risk of fire. Thankfully, Google has taken countermeasures to protect the Pixel Watch from the heat.

According to a Reddit post from the aforementioned Pixel Watch user, they had left the watch in the car on the lake (via). While they didn’t reveal if the car was exposed to direct sunlight at any point during this period, it appears that the inside of the car got a little too hot for the clock to function normally. It turned itself off automatically and then back on again after some cooling. The person wasn’t there to see it, but the watch may have displayed a “High Temperature” warning on the screen before turning off.

This is how Pixel phones behave when they overheat. First, a pop-up window will appear saying that the phone is getting warm and trying to cool itself down. You can then find out about some care steps. This cooling process can slow down the phone and block your access to the camera, flashlight, and some other features. You may also lose access to WiFi and mobile data. However, the phone will not be completely useless. However, if this automatic cooling does not work, the Pixel will turn itself off. The device recommends waiting a while before restarting, which is likely the case with the Pixel Watch as well.

Treat your watch to special care this summer

This could happen to even more Pixel Watch users in the coming months as summer begins in several parts of the world. Hopefully the wearable will survive the tough use there. However, streaming music over cellular data and playing it through connected Bluetooth headsets while still having GPS tracking and AOD (Always-On-Display) enabled can reach its limits. In this hot summer, you should take extra care of your wrist device to avoid serious damage.

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June 05, 2023