Platinum is pure American RV gold: drop over $200,000 and live the mobile life all year round

The Platinum isn’t an RV made out of prized metal. However, once you figure out the price of a 2023 or 2024 model, you might find yourself cashing in on some of the gold bars hidden in that safe. I say that because 2024 units can sell for over $200,000. Time to delve deeper into this heavily modified Ford E-450 Super Duty.

First off, it should be helpful to know a little about the crew behind this rolling fiberglass habitat, Coach House RV. There’s a good chance this name means nothing to you, but bear with me for the next few minutes and that will surely change. Born in 1985, this Florida-based crew has set itself apart from other established manufacturers since its inception. How did you do that? By manufacturing luxurious, reliable and comfort-oriented motorhomes.

Right from the start we can tell that the shape of a Platinum is slightly different. This is nothing but the result of the way Coach House builds all of their models. To give you a clue as to how they do it, take a long look at the Platinum’s body. Notice any seams dividing the shell into separate components? Of course not! That’s because these pups are built with a one-piece fiberglass housing.

Photo: Coach House RV

Why am I so excited and pumped about this? let’s find out One thing you need to know about fiberglass is that it’s a material that does a darn good job of repelling the elements. Think of it this way, fiberglass RVs have been found in working order after five decades of hiding in garages. These have been maintained with love and care, but I don’t see why you would treat a $200,000 RV with anything less. In addition, moisture, rain, snow and ice cannot penetrate through the walls because there are no seams. It also retains heat better. Mobile living for four seasons, anyone?

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So what’s hidden inside? This is where I ran into some problems. As with most other private motorhomes, not everyone wants you to know what the inside looks like. This might be why I ran into a problem when trying to find pictures of the interior of Platinum units. But through the magic of YouTube, Coach House gives us a quick peek at the 2023 machine – no 2024 model pics yet. Personally, I’ve gone a step further and found interiors from older models just to help you understand some of the design advances and opportunities to see.

As I compared the interiors, I realized that Coach House really can provide you with almost any type of living space you are looking for. From the slightly rustic yet modern unit to the minimalist yet luxe leather-filled unit, if you’ve got the cash you’ve got a dream den. Just so we’re on the same page, it mentions that faux leather makes these flats, so pretty PETA friendly.

As for the kind of features you can find inside, the rounded shell seems to take away some of the space available, so things are a bit cramped. But owners can still find all the inner workings of a fully functional home. There is a fridge, hob, countertop, dining area, bedroom and clearly a bathroom. There is also plenty of storage space for all your goods and gear.

Photo: Coach House RV

Speaking of gear, what does this type of device mean for our outdoor lifestyle? Well, a lot of this has to do with the type of floor plan you choose. However, some features apply to all units. Things like a 4KW alternator, 30,000 BTU stove, AC, and Electric Firefly system are available on all Platinum models. The exterior boasts things like an outdoor shower and a number of storage compartments. I almost forgot to mention the hydraulic auto-leveling system. This feature is also used to control slideouts if your device has it. Oh, and if you happen to call Coach House, don’t be shy; Let them know of any other features you’d like to add. Maybe some solar panels.

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Try to imagine yourself owning a Platinum. Think about what it would be like to just get up and leave whenever you feel like it, knowing that you have everything you need. Watch adventures and travel now, no matter the season. After all, we know that fiberglass will last a long time. Maybe adding some tank heaters would be a good idea.

Once you’ve reached the locations you’ve marked on your map, have your RV line up, unload your e-bikes, kayaks or skis and start chasing that adrenaline rush. To help you get off your rush, a ready and efficient mobile home is waiting at the foot of the slopes. Maybe it’s on a lake. Hey, it’s your daydream; Let your Platinum do what you want. I am just the spark that ignites your adventure consuming fire.