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Modified March 31, 2023 10:05 AM IST

Following the tremendous success of Team of the Year (TOTY) events in FIFA Mobile, the title’s developers, EA Sports, introduced UEFA Champions League (UCL) events. The events are now live and available for the next 77 days. The 2022-2023 season is drawing to a close in business and the events are expected to bring millions of football lovers to the game.

However, among all the UCL events available in FIFA Mobile, the enthusiasm for the Main Event is second to none. The event offers free player cards (not tradable) that can be obtained by completing some simple missions.

Everything FIFA Mobile players need to know about the Main UCL 22-23 event

The Main UCL 22-23 Event is divided into two subcategories – Milestone and Championship Rewards. While the former offers a UCL footballer rated 106 or higher, the latter gives the user the choice to redeem either a 109 rated Antonio Rudiger or a 109 rated Harry Kane for free.


The Milestone subcategory contains seven skill games/matches. Each of these tasks offers specific rewards and can be completed after obtaining the appropriate Match Keys.

A total of three random Match Keys can be redeemed daily. While two Match Keys are available for free, users must watch a promotional video to get the third key. In addition, two additional Match Keys can be redeemed once per week from the Weekly Limited Rewards section.

Here’s a look at the rewards available in the Skill Games/Matches:

Skill game – 5 UCL PointsMatch – UCL Player (100+), 20 UCL PointsSkill game – UCL Player (103), 30 UCL PointsMatch – UCL Player (100+), 15 UCL PointsMatch – 100 training transfer objects, 12 UCL PointsSkill game – 8 UCL- PointsGuaranteed Rewards – UCL Players (100+), 10 UCL Points

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FIFA Mobile players must complete seven challenges to earn a random 106 or higher Milestone player.

championship reward

As previously mentioned, the FIFA Mobile Main UCL 22-23 event’s Championship Rewards subcategory offers lucrative Rudiger and Kane UCL cards (non-tradable). Each card can be purchased by exchanging three UCL Trophy currencies. The currency can be unlocked after completing the Road to Championship sub-event.

The sub-event contains a schedule similar to the UEFA Champions League (group stage, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final). Each stage requires a Road to Championship ticket and contains a VS Attack (PvP) and a Match (PvAI) that players must complete in order to progress to the next stage. Players can win UCL points and random UCL players during these stages, as well as UCL trophy currency in the finals.

A total of 22 random Road to Championship Tickets can be redeemed weekly. While 15 tickets are available for free, players can spend 500 Diamonds or 200 FIFA Points to get more tickets. In addition, two more Road to Championship tickets can be redeemed once a week on Tuesday/Wednesday.

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