PlayStation has spotlighted four exciting new indies

PlayStation Blog and King Indies himself, Shuhei Yoshida, have put together a new Spotlight feature on four unique and different upcoming indie titles that definitely deserve a following.

Along with a new look at the tantalizing drive-to-survive-run-based post-apocalyptic supernatural vehicle sim Pacific Drive, we’re also treated to a development update to Eternights, a heartfelt origin story for Animal Well, and a “deluxe” PlayStation/PC port from PixelJunk scrapers. Check it all out here on the PS Blog, or read on for a quick breakdown of what was shown:

Pixel Junk Scrapper Deluxe

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe, once an Apple Arcade exclusive, brings the side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up to PlayStation and PC. It’s a couch (and online) co-op experience that challenges you and your friends to wipe out enemy robots while (literally) cleaning up the streets of Junktown. With over 25 levels, 100+ customizable garbage truck parts, mini-games and more, it’s sure to be a highlight of your next game night.

Wishlist on PlayStation Store and Steam.


A high-octane blend of dating sim and action game, Eternights is shaping up to be an anime-inspired hit set in a dangerous world with just enough room for some good old-fashioned romance. The PlayStation blog post reveals some of the updates made to the game since its release last year, including improvements to overall gameplay and the sense of immersion. Between UI updates, time management changes, refreshed environments, level designs and more, there’s a lot going on to make this one that fans of unique and immersive experiences can look forward to when it releases later this year.

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Wishlist on PlayStation Store and Steam.

Pacific Drive

A fresh look at Pacific Drive gives us a taste of what’s to come in this inventive mix of run-based survival game and car sim, prompting players to maintain and upgrade their trusty station wagon to delve deeper and deeper into the… zone to drive. You must brave dangerous anomalies, strange weather and catastrophic events to find the best resources to build and improve your car and base of operations, then advance even further and so on. Drive, survive, repeat.

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animal good

First revealed last year, Animal Well is a divine-looking exploration platformer that has all the makings of a sleeper hit. It challenges players to discover a new world with new eyes, learn its intricacies and patterns, and work with (or against, if you feel the need) its animal residents to advance. Sole developer Billy Basso’s development update on the PlayStation Blog sheds some light on how the game is taking shape and how its creator got to where it is now. Read it here.

Wishlist on PlayStation Store and Steam.