Pocket launches 2023 with new and expanded publisher partnerships

Newly curated collections with a focus on the book “People of Germany”.

Pocket’s editorial and product teams have been busy for the past few months continuing to deliver the great experience Pocket users have come to expect. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new at Pocket, starting with our most recent and returning publisher partnerships, followed by the latest updates to Pocket Android.

Pocket Partners
Since 2020, Pocket has expanded its commitment to discovering quality content by developing Pocket Collections: human-curated reading lists that help users connect with the best on the web. In late 2022, Pocket announced a number of new Collections partners, including PRX, Thomson Reuters Foundation, WIRED, The Atlantic and the News Literacy Projectas well as an expansion of existing partnerships with slate and Shit you should care about.

“By adding these amazing publishers to the Pocket Collections curator roster, we hope to connect our users with truly great stories and help our partners find eager new audiences for their work.” said Carolyn O’Hara, Senior Director of Content Discovery at Pocket.

Collections allow Pocket users to dig deeper with exceptional stories on topics they care about and expand their interests to new areas of discovery. Pocket collections are curated by both in-house editors, whose work is influenced by the millions of saves that Pocket users make online every month, and well-known subject matter experts on a wide and diverse range of topics.

The new partnerships include:

PRX – Three collections for her podcast, The Science of Happiness, from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

WIRED – Three collections around selected articles by Adrienne So, Andy Greenberg and Reece Rogers.

context – Driven by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, this media platform provides news and analysis that contextualizes how critical issues and events impact ordinary people, society and the environment. Pocket will present three collections, starting with “the future of food”.

News Literacy Project – Three collections on topics related to news literacy education.

“As a regular Pocket user, I know there are times when I want to delve into an article but can’t right now. So it’s a great resource for learning about the important information you see online — and also learning about today’s most notable topics through carefully curated, multi-source collections.” said Jake Lloyd, social media manager for the New Literacy Project. “This collection of conspiratorial thinking will be a valuable tool for Pocket users to understand and defend against the dangers of such untruths.”

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The Atlantic – A collection by staff writer and newsletter writer Derek Thompson.

Shit you should care about – Four collections, starting with a collection about how pop culture helps explain the world.

As the one-stop place to discover, store and linger on the web’s best stories, Pocket is a natural partner for publishers looking to bring quality journalism to new audiences. At the science magazine nautilus, for example, Pocket often accounts for more than 20% of monthly web traffic. Pocket’s syndication program can also bring new exposure to overlooked stories that remain highly relevant and of interest to users. “With Pocket, syndicated articles, which typically generate 100,000 page views per month, grew to over 700,000 per month.” said Nautilus editor John Steele.

Pocket Curated Collections
Pocket Collections with publishers offer readers a backstage pass to explore the stories behind articles and podcast episodes straight from reporters’ notes, allowing journalists to delve deeper into their expertise. Pocket Collections are also curated by influential subject matter experts – including journalists and authors like Pocket’s Top Saved Author for 2022 The Atlantic‘s Arthur C Brooks, Claire Saffitz, Safiya Umoja Noble, Adam Grant and Simran Jeet Singh, to name just a few – on topics of the curators’ choice. These “mixtapes” of amazing articles, videos, recipes, playlists and more are completed with personal notes from each curator on why each article deserves a Pocket user’s time and attention.

Writer, editor, strategist and public speaker Rachel Hislop recently curated her own collection on Pocket and reflected on the process: “As an editor, Pocket served as a tool to keep some of my favorite articles in one place. Many of the picks in my final curation have already been saved in my pocket. Much of my work revolves around elevating the voices of others or implementing strategies to tell the most impactful stories, so having a place to curate examples of this is important. I often send links to my friends and group chats, and when I led an editorial team, I set up an “external reading” Slack channel where we shared up-and-coming or interesting reading from around the web. Curating a Pocket collection was just an elevated version of that practice.”

This February, Pocket in Germany is launching a partnership with collaborators Martina Rink and Simon Usifo, in time for the release of their book. people of Germanywill be released on February 4, 2023. The book contains features 45 stories by multicultural artists, actors, creatives, politicians, top executives and celebrities share their personal experiences about the reality of life and success as a German People of Color.

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Rink and Usifoin addition to TV show host Milka Loff Fernandespodcaster frank boyPolitician Mirrianne Mahnchief Executive Officer Lisa Dornjournalist and author Düzen Tekkal and business innovation expert Deepa Gautam nigge will each create German pocket collections that expand on the stories of the book and their lives. The collections are about struggles and steps, what empowers the authors to get up and fight, and what brings them joy at the end of a long day. By putting their stories in the spotlight and creating broad visibility of this collaboration, Pocket supports the book’s vision: to change structures in Germany for the better and to inspire future generations.

New and expanded collections
Pocket has also expanded its partnership with slate record four new collections for their podcast shows Slow Burn, Amicus, ICYMI and How To!

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Pocket to feature more of our podcasts and posts. These collections not only give our audiences more of the content they come to Slate for every day, but also a deeper and more direct connection with the hosts and writers they produce,” he said Bill Carey, senior director of strategy at Slate.

slate’s podcast, Slow Burnwho was the first recipient of the Apple Podcasts “Show of the Year” award.returned for its seventh season with an in-depth look at Roe v. Wade back.
Host and Slate Editor-in-Chief Susan Matthews explores the road to Roe — a time when more Republicans than Democrats supported abortion rights. Listeners will hear the forgotten story of the first woman convicted of manslaughter for an abortion, the unlikely Catholic power couple who helped ignite the pro-life movement, and a young Supreme Court Justice, the the opinion of his life was assigned.

slate ICYMI Podcast explains how a 500,000-word Harry Potter fanfiction took to the internet (and was featured on Pocket’s Best of 2022 List!)
One particular work of fan fiction has exploded in recent years. It’s called All the young guysand it’s a 526,969-word fiction that currently has a whopping 7.5 million views on the Archive of Our Own fanfiction website. All the young guys Set during the period when Harry’s parents attended Hogwarts, it features both familiar faces and a budding romance between two of the series’ most beloved characters, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

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Other highlights for Pocket Publisher Curated Collections:

PRX examines well-being practices with his series “Happiness Breaks” from The Science of Happiness podcast.
Join Dr. Dacher Keltner, moderator of the podcast The Science of Happiness (co-produced by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center) for an in-depth look at the new series lucky breaks. Discover the research behind science-based wellbeing practices, like the art of connecting with the natural world and using your imagination to visualize your best possible self.

News Literacy Project “goes down the rabbit hole” to explain why people fall for conspiracy theories.
Featured on Pocket’s Best of 2022 list, this collection of articles and podcasts will help you understand the appeal of conspiratorial thinking and how recent events have been influenced by conspiratorial beliefs. You’ll also find resources to help you talk to anyone in your life who’s fallen down the rabbit hole and needs a hand to climb out—whether they realize it or not.

WIREDAdrienne So’s search for the perfect contingency plan for her family led her to something much bigger.
Readers can follow the author as she trains and rehearses for a bold and arduous challenge in preparation for Disaster: Specifically, competing in the Disaster Relief Trials, a 30-mile bike race designed to simulate the chaotic conditions following the “Big One” in Portland, Oregon.

The Atlantic‘s Derek Thompson created a collection based on his newsletter, In progress.
An age of extraordinary communications technology has coincided with an era of backward progress in the physical world. Since early 2022, Derek has been exploring what a prosperity agenda for the US might look like, and this collection provides arguments for what he calls a new philosophy of the future.

Pocket Android Updates
As already announced, Pocket Android app has new updates to make it easier to discover your saved and new stories.

Google recently named Pocket one of the best apps of 2022, and it just keeps getting better. We’ve spent a lot of time with our users over the last year to see how we can improve the Pocket Android app experience. This month we’re rolling out updates based on user feedback to make it easy for you to find the stories and topics that interest you.

Read on to learn more about what’s new in the Pocket Android app.

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