Popular Arab cartoon ‘The Adventures of Mansour’ with over two billion YouTube views rebooted for global TV launch at MIPCOM 2022

  • A Mubadala-sponsored series relaunch, The Adventures of Mansour: Age of AI (52 x 11′) will be the first Arabic animated film originally produced in English and Arabic and repurposed for a global audience exploring themes such as artificial intelligence, technology and climate change and space exploration
  • Builds on the recent success of the show Mansour, which has racked up 3 million subscribers and 280 million hours of viewing in the last 90 days with over 25 million unique viewers
  • Funded by Mubadala Investment Company with support from Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority
  • A global network of talent including from the US, Canada, Europe and the philippines helped the new animation appeal to an international audience

ABU DHABIUnited Arab Emirates, October 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ‘The Adventures of Mansour’a popular cartoon in the middle East with over two billion YouTube views has announced it is relaunching an all-new series, “The Adventures of Mansour: Age of AI” (52 x 11′) at MIPCOM 2022 for a global audience and covers topics of international importance such as artificial intelligence, the role of and dependence on technology, climate change and space exploration.

Originally created in Abu Dhabi In order to appeal to Arab children and to encourage a healthy lifestyle, cultural appreciation and an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the show exceeded the expectations of its original, award-winning creator, Rashed Alharmoodi, capturing the imagination of children throughout middle East region and beyond.

With three million subscribers and 280 million hours of watch time, as well as 25.2 million unique viewers over the last 90 days, the new series has become a popular show with children in the region and looks to build on that success. As the first Arabic animated film originally produced in both English and Arabic, the new creators, Bidaya Media, aim to bring Mansour’s story to children around the world.

Commentary on the launch of the new globally relevant show, Brian LottChairman of Bidaya Media and Chief Communications Officer of Mubadala said: “Mansour captured the imagination of young audiences and built a massive following around the world middle East. Our upcoming seasons of the cartoon take Mansour to a new level with the aim of encouraging children to understand problems across borders through fun and storytelling. As the first Arabic cartoon originally produced in both English and Arabic, we have created new episodes of Mansour that build on his legacy and raise awareness among audiences internationally.”

In the near future, in the technologically advanced city of Salam, “The Adventures of Mansour: Age of AI” is a sci-fi action-adventure series revolving around Mansour, a 12-year-old techie who inadvertently creates a mischievous, sentient artificial intelligence named Blink. With the support of his closest friends, Mansour must deal with all sorts of pranks, challenges and dangers posed by Blink, who is determined for his own amusement to cause as much chaos as possible for Mansour and the people of Salam City.

Aimed at children aged 6 to 12, the series is co-sponsored by Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), a sovereign investor making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates, and the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority ( ECA) as part of their efforts fund support to create content for children that supports inclusion, culture and Arabic language.

Commenting on the partnership between the ECA and Mubadala in the show’s relaunch, HE Sana SuhailDirector General of ECA, said: “We are proud of our deepened partnership with Mubadala in expanding the development opportunities available to children worldwide by relaunching such a popular show. Importantly, the relaunch demonstrates a healthy balance needed in today’s world between the role of technology in our lives and the need for children to disconnect from their devices and connect with the real world. This healthy balance between the online and real worlds is at the heart of this show and is key to better preparing our children for the future.”

Aided by increased budgets and improved production values, the newly launched show has leveraged a global network of talent to bring the fan-favorite show of fans around the world to kids around the world, from the English voice acting at Baboon Animation in new York on animation production by Top Draw Studio in the philippines.

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