Power Scenario in Kashmir

When winter comes the tide is totally haywire and the same goes for Kashmir in the winter season. The winter season has approached very early this year and has brought many hardships, inconveniences and sufferings and the people of Kashmiri feel uncomfortable in the cold of winter. The demand for much-needed electricity increases many times over during the severe winter, but it is very unfortunate that electricity is more or less absent and there are planned and unplanned power outages that have magnified and exacerbated the hardships of winter because electricity conspicuous by the lack of electricity. The gullible people of Kashmiris suffer from lack of electricity and have to spend sleepless nights and restless days due to insufficient electricity supply.

The LG administration seems indifferent and reluctant to comply with the appeals and requests of the population to provide them with an uninterrupted power supply, especially during the winter months, since all devices needed for heating purposes are powered by electricity and in the absence of a proper power supply, the people are prevented from using electrical devices to remedy something that cannot be done during power outages is the uninterruptible power supply so that people can live comfortably by operating the electrical devices such as geysers, heaters, boilers, inductors and the like .
But in the absence of adequate and uninterrupted power supply, people cannot use the electrical appliances for their convenience and comfort. It is very difficult to bathe in Kashmir during the winter months with the freezing cold water and hence people are forced to use the geysers, boilers and other electrical devices but due to the electricity crisis it is not possible to operate these devices. It is very unfortunate that when there is more demand for electricity in winter, the electricity becomes scarce and as a result, people suffer the most from the energy shortage and are forced and compelled to spend days and nights without proper electricity. The government at that time seems to care the least about the sad state of electricity and therefore does not take any serious steps to provide people with proper electricity supply in winter season and that is why people suffer the most. The administration is insensitive to the hardships and sufferings of the people due to the lack of needed electricity in Kashmir, and indeed people’s hardships and inconveniences are aggravated by the insufficient electricity supply in winter. It is the experience of the unfortunate consumers of electricity in both the Kashmir and Jammu divisions, the Jammuiten suffer most from the lack of sufficient electricity during the hot and humid summer, and similarly the Kashmiris in the Kashmir division suffer most from the Unavailability of uninterrupted electricity. The people in the cities as well as in the rural areas suffer from the lack of sufficient power supply and experience bad experiences and hardships due to the lack of necessary electricity.
On the one hand, the government is dealing with smart metering, on the other hand, people suffer most from the insufficient electricity supply. The government and more specifically the SREA has announced increased electricity traffic from October and the increased rates of electricity traffic are a major shock to consumers as the ordinary consumer is struggling to pay utility bills at higher rates as it is beyond the ability of the consumer to pay Majority of electricity consumers because the people of Jammu and Kashmir are by and large poor and do not feel able to pay the electricity charges at the new tariffs. The PDD is expected to provide uninterrupted electricity especially during the summer months in Jammu Division as without sufficient electricity it is impossible to spend time in Jammu and likewise in Kashmir it is almost impossible to spend days and nights without sufficient electricity . Thus, the power consumers in both departments of the UT suffer inconveniences and hardships when there is no adequate and necessary power. In the two divisions of Jammu and Kashmir, people are left in the lurch due to the lack of electricity.

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