Precautions against the asbestos hazard in the earthquake zone

From Memorial Service Hospital, Department of Chest Diseases, Uz. dr Banu Altoparlak informed about the dangers of asbestos and warned about the precautionary measures to be taken.

Thousands of buildings destroyed after the earthquake that affected 10 provinces in KahramanmaraƟ pose unseen dangers. A large amount of asbestos spreads with the destroyed buildings. Asbestos is known as white earth among people. Although the use and trade of asbestos was banned in our country in 2013, it can be found in old buildings during disasters such as earthquakes. The chemical substance in fibrous structure is widely used in construction industry. Exposure to asbestos can lead to lung disease over the long term. Problems such as lung cancer, accumulation of fluid in the pleura, abestosis and mesothelioma, which is cancer of the membrane that surrounds the abdominal cavity, can occur. From Memorial Service Hospital, Department of Chest Diseases, Uz. dr Banu Altoparlak informed about the dangers of asbestos.

Chemicals harm the body

asbestos or asbestos; It is a flexible, fibrous mineral that has structural properties that resist heat, abrasion, and chemicals. It consists of magnesium silicate, calcium magnesium silicate, iron magnesium silicate and sodium iron silicate. It is known to humans by names such as White Earth or Heaven’s Earth. It is used in various business sectors such as ships, construction and automotive. Longevity, thermal insulation and high flammability are the main reasons for use in different industries. Asbestos, which consists of a fibrous structure, can seriously damage human health and the lungs.

Can cause cancer over time

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Because asbestos is a carcinogen, it is dangerous if inhaled or enters the body through drinking water. After it enters the body through inhalation, it can cause many different diseases. Diseases such as lung cancer, lung plate thickening, mesothelioma ie pleural cancer, larynx cancer, ovarian cancer and asbestosis are diseases that can occur within 20-30 years from inhaling the fibers. This process is faster in smokers. After the disease manifests itself, it progresses very slowly. Over the years, the capacity of the lungs to absorb the oxygen that the body needs decreases. Damage can progress to respiratory failure.

The amount of asbestos exposure, duration, length, shape and chemical structure of asbestos fibers are some of the main factors in causing disease.

Asbestos is used in various business sectors

Although asbestos has come to the fore as a result of earthquakes, it is not only used in buildings and construction sites. It has different usage and business areas. These areas are;

Textiles (fibres, threads, fabrics) Cement industry (pipes, sheet metal) Building materials Chemicals (fillers, synthetic resin molding compounds, rubber products) Paper industry (cardboard, asbestos paper) Brake, clutch and pad manufacture Shipbuilding Wagon production Protective equipment saves lives!

Teams and disaster victims working in areas such as earthquake debris, which are environments where asbestos can be exposed, should use dust masks and goggles. The environment where destruction occurs should be avoided and nutritional needs should not be met in this area. Asbestos protection equipment improves the quality of life in the long term. Protective disposable coveralls are important to prevent asbestos from coming into contact with the body and skin. Boots or worn boots must be made in such a way that they can be washed later. Protective equipment and clothing should be changed after entering an asbestos environment. It should be ensured that teams using shift work are less exposed to asbestos.

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