Presentation of the BMW i Vision Dee, The Future of Digital Mobility

This is possibly the most innovative car concept you’ve seen since the Knight Rider series. You no longer have to dream of a talking car that can be your emotionally intelligent companion, because BMW wants to make it a reality. BMW has unveiled its concept of the BMW I Vision Dee, “the future of digital mobility” and the ultimate travel companion.

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BMW i Vision Dee

If you’re looking at this concept for the first time, you might be confused as to whether it’s a car or an AI, and the answer is…yes. Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience. Metaphorically calling a vehicle “she” is a thing of the past, as Dee is a female-voiced emotional artificial intelligence and the perfect digital companion for your journeys between physical and virtual reality. There are many digital uses for this concept, and reading the website at first made me a little confused as to what this concept is supposed to mean. So if you’re in the same boat as me, let me explain.

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exterior design

This BMW i Vision Dee concept car has a classic, slightly angular, sporty sedan design. What appears minimalist at first glance brings a whole new dimension of individualization and customization. As the car (entity? AI? Companion?) is called, E-Ink technology allows Dee to visually express her character to the outside world. This means she can customize the color of her exterior, either according to her emotional state or your needs or desires.

Her headlights and the closed BMW kidney combine to form a physical-digital (BMW calls it Phygital) surface on which she visually expresses her emotions through animated “facial” or eye expressions. It’s another way this emotionally intelligent AI can show you how she’s feeling.

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All analogue elements of the BMW i Vision Dee have been replaced by digital functions, such as the innovative and state-of-the-art interior heads-up display.

interior design

At first glance, the interior of this escort car is just as minimalist as the exterior, without the usual analogue dials you would see in a regular car. Instead, the heads-up display includes a mixed-reality slider that uses Shy-Tech touch sensors to toggle between four layers of digital content that can be displayed on the windshield, progressively merging them into a full-fledged portal for “a digital experience.” “transformed”.

The various display options range from driving-related information such as your speedometer and other associated gauges, to adding content from the communications system, to an augmented reality projection displayed for you over your screen, to entering a fully virtual world. Of course it could be clarified what they mean by a virtual world, but it sounds super exciting!

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Other properties

Of course, it wouldn’t be an emotionally intelligent AI without the ability to talk to you. Dee has a voice “full of personality” that can be heard inside and outside the vehicle. By speaking to Dee, she learns how to interact with you and react intelligently to you and your surroundings, creating a natural emotional connection with her driver.

You also create your personal avatar, which the BMW i Vision Dee recognizes and adapts to. Your avatar will appear in the driver’s side windows. Dee will even welcome you by opening the door as you approach. wild right?

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From the concept information, it seems BMW has already made a prototype of the i Vision Dee. However, most of the videos were created digitally so that we can understand the concept. If they could get this right, who knows how expensive it would be, but this is the first step into the future of vehicle technology.

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BMW has created a concept car that is the ideal travel companion, with an emotionally intelligent artificial intelligence called Dee. The concept is exceptionally innovative, using technology and digital effects in almost every aspect of the car. Time will tell whether the BMW i Vision Dee will become reality or remain in virtual reality. What do you think of BMW’s i Vision Dee and her emotional intelligence?