Protector Arduino smart pendant wearable

Arduino enthusiasts and developers looking for inspiration for their next project may be interested in a new smart wearable equipped with smart sensors developed by Christopher Mendez Martinez. The aptly named Protector pendant is powered by an Arduino Nicla Sense ME microcontroller and has a wealth of on-board sensors capable of collecting data on temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 and air quality, as well as activity and thanks to the inclusion of an accelerometer can detect falls.

“Many of us enjoy walking, whether it is for exercise, shopping at the market or just walking in the park, in any case we are exposed to the current weather conditions, if we are walking in a prairie we probably have to not worrying about the quality of the air we breathe, but that is not the case in the city, in shops or even in our office.”

Smart pendant wearable

“To take care of ourselves in these areas that can affect our health, I have created “The Protector”, a device that always accompanies us, almost unnoticed, but which constantly records certain parameters that allow us to knowing if we are in a safe place or if we are fine, this includes temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality, CO2 concentration and even what we are doing right now, whether we are standing, walking, running, in a car, bicycle and last but not least, to recognize if we have suffered a fall.”

“The project is accompanied by a customized mobile application where we can see all the variables mentioned in real time and also see the recordings of important moments such as exposure to highly polluted air at very high places or the fact that we have fallen.”

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As a tiny microcontroller and low-power tool that sets a new standard for smart sensor solutions, the Arduino Nicla Sense ME says it’s creators. Who designed the board to easily analyze motion and the environment (ME = Motion, Environment) by measuring rotation, acceleration, pressure, humidity, temperature, air quality and CO2 levels with the latest Bosch Sensortec sensors. Watch the video embedded below to learn more about the Arduino sensor board and its features.

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