PSVR2 Tips and Tricks: How to Wear PSVR2 and Fix Blur Issues

Many people can experience virtual reality without getting motion sickness. Any headset that places magnifying lenses in front of a flat panel display can create vergence-accommodation conflict, making some people feel ill. But if you get sick, you will often find your “VR legs” again after a while.

But if, like us and many VR fans, you get nauseous at times and you want to avoid it, here are some suggestions that might help.

Always turn by turning your head and body – never by moving a stick.

When you move in the game but not in the real world, your body can feel uncomfortable. My palms start to sweat pretty quickly when I turn a stick to the right without turning my head. You can use your natural body to navigate, although games like Resident Evil Village may recommend using a thumbstick.

PSVR2 tips and tricks

Turn on convenience settings like tunneling.

The best virtual reality games quickly challenge you to customize your experience for maximum relaxation. You can expect tunneling that will limit your field of vision with every movement. That’s a great way to reduce the chances of getting sick while playing VR games, and it’s usually customizable as you adapt to the technology.

Snap turns, as opposed to soft turns, can be less triggering if you insist on using a joystick to turn, and many games offer them as an option.

Move by teleporting when possible.

Many single player games allow you to aim at a nearby spot on the ground to teleport to it. However, certain games (Resident Evil Village, Pavlov) do not allow teleport movement as it interferes with immersion and could be unfair in multiplayer games. It’s one of the more relaxing ways to travel in virtual reality as you can reach your destination without traveling there.

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Make sure your headset and controllers aren’t drifting.

It’s easy to get motion sickness in VR when your virtual head and hands start drifting around, which can happen with PSVR 2, when lights are shining in the eyes of the headset’s cameras, or when the room is too dark for the headset to handle could detect movements.

Sony’s headset might display an alert if the environment is unusually dark or bright, but I’ve also seen it wander silently when a single bright lightbulb was pointed at my head. The problem went away after I redirected the overhead lights.

Enable tracking support under Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 if there is a TV in the room; This allows you to use it as a second marker to improve tracking accuracy.

Just don’t play overly triggering games.

I sit in a kayak and expertly paddle with fire burning to my skull; Therefore, I will no longer play Kayak VR, although I have no problems behind the wheel of a car in Gran Turismo 7. The results you get may differ from what we see. Resident Evil Village’s virtual reality mode features moments where the game physically manipulates your head by wiggling it, pressing it to the ground, and even dragging it across the ground. Neither Adi nor I love VR experiences that require you to move your head in ways it isn’t naturally inclined to.

take breaks.

Stop playing if you experience any of the following symptoms: sweating, an upset stomach, and lightheadedness. Don’t come back until it’s gone. If the mere idea of ​​virtual reality makes you sick, you might as well forget about ever getting your VR legs.

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PSVR2 tips and tricks to reduce other cables

The main cable for the PSVR 2 cannot be removed, although other cables can be hidden. For example, the PSVR 2’s built-in headphones can be neatly stowed away in circular openings with tabs, rather than dangling loosely when not in use.

Most new headphones have an enhanced connection, but you can enjoy completely wireless sound by connecting a wireless USB audio dongle to your PS5. Although there are cheaper solutions, we tried SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless (you can buy SteelSeries Arctis Pro by clicking here). Despite this, Bluetooth audio is currently not supported.

Keeping your PlayStation VR2 Sensation controllers charged can be a pain as you connect each to the PS5 with its USB-C cable. Sony provides their own $50 charging dock for the controllers, which has pogo-pin adapters that fit into their USB-C ports.

We can’t advise against that either, as it’s easy to put them wrong and find them practically dead the next day. Despite Sony’s claims of a “click-in design,” the PS5’s traditional gamepads won’t charge as securely as they do in the DualSense charging station.

Many other manufacturers are now developing charging stations; Some of these docks can hold the headset and gaming system. Write them in the comments or email us if you need more essential VR comfort suggestions! In the future we hope to add new information to this report.

Frequently Asked Questions How do I recalibrate PSVR 2?

lens calibration

When a new user puts the headset on, it is important to repeat the calibration process to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. Double-tapping the PlayStation button on the controller will bring up a quick settings menu, from which you can access lens calibration by selecting Change Visibility.

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How can I improve my PSVR track?

PlayStation VR’s Move controller and headgear tracking feature is based on the visible light spectrum. Bright lighting in the camera’s field of view can affect tracking accuracy. Lights out. The PS VR setup guide recommends playing in a dimly lit area with the blinds closed for optimal tracking.

Will PSVR 2 work on PS5?

Sony’s latest virtual reality headset, the PSVR2, is paired with the PS5 to deliver a state-of-the-art gaming experience. Unlike its predecessor, this headset only requires a single USB-C cable to connect to the console.