Publicis and Sony Music Entertainment France Sign Unique Partnership Focused on Hip-Hop Culture

Publicis Conseil, Prodigious and Sony Music Entertainment France join forces through an unprecedented collaboration to support urban culture artists in the creative exploration of their artistic projects.

“Hip-hop is a major cultural movement. As a major player in the music industry, we need to make sure brands are aware of its potential. Innovative and proactive, our dubbing department recognizes this, so this collaboration is natural,” explains Marie-Anne Robert, President of Sony Music Entertainment France.

“Urban culture is the new pop culture. As a creative agency and cultural player, we need to be at the heart of new cultures. With this approach and the desire to explore them in the creative process, we wanted to create this partnership with Sony.” Music Entertainment France and Prodigious.” analyzes Alexandra Evan, vice-president of the Publicis Conseil.

In this trio, Sony Music Entertainment France presents its catalog of hip-hop artists and supports them in their development and promotion strategies. Publicis Conseil provides its strategic expertise and Prodigious shares its own expertise in producing creative ideas.

Co-construction work that opens up new creative possibilities and explores new realms of expression for artists who start or develop their careers with fresh and innovative ideas.

“Measured against the importance and power of this culture, the music and artists of urban culture are not sufficiently mediated these days. We are excited to make this partnership a reality as it is a great encounter between the world of music and the world of communication. ” adds Christophe Caurret, Music Creative Director Publicis France and Co-Director Art and Stories of Prodigious.

A creative exploration of urban music, new pop culture

The world of hip hop is an integral part of pop culture. The first creative focus of this collaboration is the production of the new video clip by French rapper Benjamin Epps. In this track, the RCA label artist talks about his fears and doubts about seeing himself in the future. Ecological, economic, diplomatic and health crises leave her generation with a bleak and fragile future. At a time when the 25-year-old artist has just welcomed his first child, questioning his survival in this uncertain world has become an obsession for him.

In his video, Benjamin Epps faces the camera and ages while chaining verses together to end them with the face of a 90-year-old man, thanks to artificial intelligence.

The video was creatively designed by Publicis Conseil and then directed by Prodigious, the production leader. For the occasion, he combined production strategy, craftsmanship and innovation, including the use of a new aging technique by AI. “Everyone brings the best of their expertise to this partnership. Thanks to today’s new technologies and the power of artificial intelligence, we were able to age Benjamin EPPS,” added Christopher Thiery, Co-President of Prodigious. This technical feat serves and reinforces the creative idea of ​​the video and the strong lyrics of Benjamin Epps.

An approach also endorsed by Marco Venturelli, President of Publicis Conseil, who concludes: “The approach chosen reinforces the concept. For Benjamin’s Aging, we wanted to be as close to reality as possible and worked on artificial intelligence down to the last detail.” Several photos of the artist’s family.”

Com’ x hip hop

This partnership of art, creativity and innovative production creates a new bridge between the world of communication and music. Positioning themselves as cultural agents, Publicis Conseil and Prodigious drive culture into the heart of their DNA. In doing so, they took part in the rise of this young talent, the first French rapper to win a trophy at the prestigious American hip-hop music festival, the BET Awards.