Pug Owner’s Reason for Always Going Home Fast Is the Internet: ‘Little Loaf’

You’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is go home to your pet, whatever that may be.

One who likes to do just that is the owner of Loulou, the 8-year-old pug who lives in the Netherlands. In an adorable video with nearly 2 million views under the username @pugloulou, the pug can be seen perched on the armrest of a sofa, poking its little head out as its owner walks through the door.

The caption reads, “Why do you always rush home?” This question is answered with the caption, “Sorry, I have to go home to get this little bread on my couch.”

A stock image of a pug under the covers. A woman filmed her dog’s reaction as she rushed home to see her and the video went viral. Alexandr Zhenzhirov/Getty Images

Ideally, we would never have to leave pets at home alone, but unfortunately we cannot take the issue everywhere. For many pet owners there are times when they need to be home alone, which can lead to boredom, destructive behavior, or other anxiety or stress.

“Every puppy is different, but the general rule is to only leave adult dogs alone for four hours at a time,” says Purina, a dog food specialist. “Dogs are social animals that often crave regular human attention, and without it they get bored and lonely.”

Purina also adds, β€œIt’s important to note that adult dogs can typically only hold their bladders for six to eight hours. So you need to take that into account when leaving them alone. And while you’re away you can’ They also need to make sure they always have access to fresh, clean drinking water.’

Older dogs may need to pee more often than younger dogs, so Purina recommends only leaving them alone for two to four hours.


Sorry I have to go home to this little loaf on my couch πŸ₯ΉπŸž #ihavethisthing #pug #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok

♬ I have this thing – Emily (ekelleydesign) @pugloulou

Purina offers top tips on leaving your pup home alone:

Make sure your child gets enough exercise: take them for a walk beforehand so that they doze off more easily and don’t get bored. Use toys that give out food: These will keep your dog entertained in your absence and can help prevent destructive behavior. Get a pet camera: This is a great idea for reassuring owners that their pup is safe, not stressed, and not up to mischief.

The users in the comments liked the video. “Gosh, that’s an adorable creature,” wrote one. “She’s the cutest pug I’ve ever seen! Does your entrance lead directly to the steepest staircase in the world?” I posted another one.

“S/he is patiently waiting for you,” commented a third user.

Newsweek emailed @pugloulou for comment.

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