Pure Wafer Expanding Microchip Wafer Production

“The financial incentives now available will accelerate even further as Pure Wafer is the #1 most advanced wafer reclamation company in the US,” said Sidhwa.

Spurred by the passage of the $280 billion bipartisan bill to boost domestic investment and expand high-tech manufacturing and manufacturing, executives at Pure Wafer, a Prescott-based leader in silicon wafers, thin film deposition and wafer reclamation services, have plans for announced further expansion.

Ardy Sidhwa, Ph.D., Vice President of Operations at Pure Wafer, in exclusive comments flagstaff Business News, said the company is investing millions of dollars to find better, more efficient and faster ways to keep pace with increasing domestic and international demands. Located at 2575 Melville Road on the east side of Prescott Regional Airport, the 50,000 square foot facility has been producing wafers and reclaimed wafers for the microchip industry expansion since 1998.

Sidhwa and S. Mark Borowicz, CEO of Pure Wafer, are excited about the opportunities that are now opening up in Arizona as a result of the growing semiconductor renaissance.

Sidhwa cited the CHIPS and Science Acts of 2022, signed Aug. 9, which are expected to create manufacturing jobs and allow $50 billion in investments in American manufacturing, supply chains, and research and development in the United States to invest in American semiconductor manufacturing.

In addition, the CHIPS Act legislation is expected to further reduce chip costs and should reduce the cost of products using chips and wafers.

Sidhwa emphasized that chips and semiconductors are “the tiny brains found in all sorts of contemporary products, from computers and automobiles to household appliances and weapons systems.”

Sidhwa was even more excited about Pure Wafer’s growing business in life sciences, photonics and micro-electromagnetic systems when it acquired NOEL Technologies. It is a Silicon Valley foundry that serves as a developer of innovative semiconductors and biochips. The company fills the innovation gap and often serves as an extension of research and development.

He said: “More and more scientists and medical professionals are finding creative uses for microchips and biochips, which can then be used to help people find cures and fight diseases that ultimately improve the quality of life. The use of applications of semiconductor technology by applications of artificial intelligence is amazing. We are generations ahead of what we were 10 years ago.”

He emphasized that it is really important that such applications are now more approved at the international level.

“What we want to do in Prescott is expand our production, even by 20 to 40 percent. At the same time we are improving the efficiency of the production of what we make, for example we have become more efficient in our use of water. The same goes for chemicals. The same with electricity. We drastically reduce emissions and pollution. We are very proud to have absolutely clean air and sterile water.”

The increased production will allow Pure Wafer to expand its already large customer base of 1,600 integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The company has a growing customer base throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Arizona State University (ASU) President Michel Crow is also committed to expanding the state’s semiconductor business. He said that with the current 30,000 students enrolled in the engineering school, ASU is well positioned to provide the skilled talent needed.

Sidhwa admits that finding good workers is sometimes difficult. With Pure Wafer operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week and expanding so rapidly, recruiting a reliable workforce is a constant challenge. With Pure Wafer having its original facility in Prescott and two other manufacturing facilities, named Noel Technologies, in San Jose and Campbell, California, demand for labor continues to increase, Sidhwa said. Last month’s US Bureau of Labor Statistics report reported 528,000 new jobs.

Pure Wafer offers short-term and long-term insurance plans, disability plans, health insurance, on-the-job training and professional development opportunities to attract a qualified workforce.

“The financial incentives now available will accelerate even further as Pure Wafer is the #1 most advanced wafer reclamation company in the US,” said Sidhwa. “We’re proud of that.” FBN

By Ray Newton, FBN