Ranking of the 5 most nefarious missions in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games released their most ambitious project of the time, GTA 3, in 2001. The gaming industry had never seen anything with such detail and execution. It might have been overshadowed by every other game that followed it in the series, but it was GTA 3 that showed the world what was achievable with technology in the right hands.

With the recent re-release in the form of GTA 3 The Definitive Edition, fans have been made to relive some of the most inhumane quests given to Claude, its protagonist. It also reminded us how much of a cold-blooded killer the dumb lead of GTA 3 is. Here on this list, we’re going to look at five of the most nefarious missions in GTA 3 The Definitive Edition.

5 of the nastiest missions given to players in GTA 3 Definitive Edition 5) Mike Lips Last Lunch

Given to players by Joey Leone, this assassination mission involves rigging a car with an explosive. Mike Lips Forelli has owed Joey Leone money for too long, and there’s no indication it’s returning anytime soon.

So Joey asks Claude to go to Marco Bistro’s restaurant where Lips Forelli is having lunch. Players must steal his car and drive it to the 8 Ball Garage to arm it with a bomb. The vehicle must then be taken back and parked in the same place to avoid suspicion. As soon as Lips Forelli starts the car’s engine, it bursts into flames.

4) Waka Gashira Annihilation!

Assigned to players by Donald Love, this mission aims to start a gang war between the Colombian cartel and the Yakuza gang. It’s about Claude Kenji killing Kasen who previously gave him missions. Surprisingly, Claude has no qualms and agrees to do the deed.

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Players must steal a car belonging to the Colombian cartel, drive to Newport and neutralize Kenji Kasen to make it appear as if this was done by the Colombians. You have to leave Newport and unload the car to successfully complete the mission.

3) your lover

Marty Chonks’ wife has an affair with Carl, whom he owes money. Claude’s job is to chauffeur the person to Marty’s warehouse, where he thinks his money will be returned.

Claude takes him to the Death Zone, where Marty Chonks tries unsuccessfully to lure him into his office. Carl refuses and instead kills Marty with a SPAS-12 shotgun. Players can choose to kill Carl or let him go, but it has no further impact on GTA 3’s story.

2) The wife

This is one of Marty’s more sinister missions in GTA 3. Marty is fed up with his wife’s habit of overspending and has no attachment to her. He’s also got his eye on her insurance money, which could benefit his business.

Claude is tasked with driving Mrs. Chonks from the nail salon to Marty’s warehouse. She unsuspectingly walks in on her husband and is murdered in cold blood. The car is then thrown into the sea to dispose of any evidence linking them to her disappearance.

1) Plaster Blaster

Ray Machowski assigns this mission to Claude. He was previously tasked with burning down McAffrey’s apartment. Miraculously he survived, is now completely covered in a plaster cast and is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

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The Plaster Blaster mission involves Claude repeatedly ramming this ambulance until the damage bar fills up. After that, the poor soul falls out of the vehicle and the game instructs the player to either ram his vehicle-cast body or continuously bombard him until it breaks up, killing him in the process.

The popularity of GTA 3 paved the way for the gaming industry as we know it today. Rockstar Games and many other developers were motivated by the game’s tremendous success at the time and set out to create some of the most amazing and memorable games we play today.

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