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CHENNAI: Minister of Health Ma Subramanian released the ranking of 2022-2023 MBBS and BDS admissions at Government Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Omandurar Estate on Monday. Speaking to the media after the lists were released, the minister said courses for the first year of MBBS and BDS will start on November 15. The consultation will take place from October 19th for general category and special contingent places and from October 20th for 7.5% reservation places.

While consultation for the general category is conducted online, consultation for special quotas, athletes, wards of ex-servicemen and persons with disabilities, and 7.5% reservation is conducted offline at the Government Multi Super Specialty Hospital. There will be a clean-up consultation on December 6th. He published a separate ranking for seats below a 7.5% quota, state quotas at state medical colleges and self-funding medical schools, and management quota seats at self-funding colleges. This year, 558 places, 454 MBBS and 104 BDS places were reserved for state students within this quota. Subramanian said there are 6,067 MBBS government seats in state medical colleges and self-funding medical colleges and 1,380 BDS seats.

2,695 students applied in the 7.5% reservation category, of which 2,674 were accepted (764 boys and 1,910 girls). V Deevatharshini of Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Erode, secured first place in the top 10 in this category. Among the top 10 candidates in the ranking for government medical school seats was S. Thridev Vinayaka of Mahatma Global Gateway, Madurai, first place.

The selection committee received 22,736 applications, 8,029 boys and 14,024 girls and one trans person for MBBS and BDS seats for state quota seats at state medical colleges and self-funding colleges. Among them, 22,054 were accepted. The full ranking is available at www.tnmedicalselection.org.

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