Ranveer Singh’s rap at the NBA game has the internet cringe. Read the brutal comments

Ranveer Singh shared this picture. (courtesy of ranveersingh)

Ranveer Singh, who was in Utah for the NBA All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, made a spot on the trends list, but not for the right reasons. Indian NBA Ambassador Ranveer has played alongside celebrity NBA stars, Hollywood actors like Simu Liu (of Shang-Chi) and TV host and comedian Hasan Minhaj, but that’s not why he’s been the talk of the weekend is. On Sunday, Hasan Minhaj released a video from the dressing room in which the Gully Boyactor raps to Simu Liu, singer-actor Nicky Jam and rapper 21 Savage, among others. The clip begins with Hasan Minhaj saying, “All we have to do today is get Ranveer Singh on the boards. On behalf of 4.561 billion people in Asia, let’s get Ranveer a bucket.” The image then shows Ranveer rising from his seat and knocking, “Go on us, you’ll end up in bandages. We’re not 21, but we’re all savages. Oh, you see my moves, they’re so chic. Yes, baby, around the world they call me Shang-Chi. I throw it down, bang. You know my name, the number one Latin artist in the world, Nicky Jam.”

Shortly after Hasan Minhaj shared the video, users rushed to the comments section to express their “embarrassment” and “twitches” at Ranveer Singh’s rapping and “gully boy act.” Ranveer played the role of a rapper in the 2019 film directed by Zoya Akhtar. “Ranveer takes us back 100 years with every sentence,” commented one user, while another wrote, “From Formula 1 to the Premier League to the USA this man just keeps embarrassing every Indian with his wannabe endeavors.” One pointed out that Simu Liu looked “so uncomfortable” during the rap. One user slammed Ranveer, writing, “Why is this guy embarrassing himself for being someone he’s not?”

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“The second-hand embarrassment of this one is harsh,” read another comment. For one user, Ranveer Singh’s rapping was “cringes.” Someone wrote: “Why do you make Indians look like fools?”

Hasan Minhaj’s caption for the video read: “I was trying to get my husband Ranveer Singh on the scoreboard. Tried to get him a record deal. Both failed.”

Ranveer Singh also shared excerpts from his tour to Utah. He posted photos of himself with NBA legends Tracy McGrady, Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal, as well as actors Jonathan Majors, Michael Jordan, Simu Liu and filmmaker Spike Lee.

The official NBA India Instagram page also shared some glimpses of Ranveer Singh from the All-Star Game. Just look:

Ranveer Singh was appointed Ambassador of NBA India in 2021.

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