Reading Hospital offers mobile mammography appointments

Reading Hospital offers mobile mammography appointments. (COURTESY OF READING HOSPITAL)

The Reading Hospital Foundation mobile mammography bus will travel throughout the region.

The bus will make multiple stops over the next two months, according to a timetable published by Reading Hospital on Monday.

Equipped with the latest technology, including 3D tomosynthesis, the mobile mammography bus uses a digital mammography screening tool that improves imaging accuracy, reduces unnecessary follow-up visits and allows caregivers to detect more invasive cancers.

Andrew Rettew, chief of the department of hematology and oncology at McGlinn Cancer Institute at Reading Hospital, said women often tell the team working on the bus that they knew they needed to schedule a mammogram but postponed it because caring for their families, working and managing other day-to-day tasks.

“The mobile mammography coach is important because it brings screening to patients in their own neighborhoods and makes it easier and more convenient for women in our community to access these important screenings,” he said.

Appointments are available to all women aged 40 or older or high-risk women who have not had a screening mammogram in the past year.

Below are the upcoming events:


March 1: Berk’s Community Health Center on Penn Street
March 8: Reading Hospital’s Operations Center in Spring Ridge
March 10: Reading Hospital Sixth Avenue clock tower entrance
March 20: Pottstown cluster
March 22: North of Boscov
March 28: Cabelas
March 30: Community Health and Dental Care in Pottstown
March 31: Boyertown School District


April 1: Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts
April 3: Berk’s encore at Fleetwood
April 5: Berk’s Community Health Center in Oakbrook
April 11: ACLAMO Pottstown
April 12: Bayer Corporation in Myerstown
April 13: Berks encore in Strausstown
April 14: Diamond Credit Union in the municipality of M├╝hlenberg
April 15: TriCounty Health Network event at Montgomery County Community College
April 19: Brentwood Industries on Brentwood Drive
April 21: Brentwood Industries on Spring Ridge Drive
April 26: Community Health and Dental Care in Pottstown
April 27: Albright College
April 28: Diamond Credit Union in Royersford

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Anyone wishing to make an appointment should call 484-628-8611.

Medical check-ups are covered by most health insurance companies. The Patient Financial Assistance Program works to enroll women who are underinsured or uninsured and who meet eligibility requirements. If you have any questions, please contact Reading Hospital Financial Advisors at 484-628-7400.

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