Rebel Interactive Group Addressing Challenges Faced By Higher Ed

Connecticut-based digital marketing agency Rebel Interactive Group and two of its senior executives, President and Co-Owner Allison Minutillo and Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito, have been selected to speak at the 2022 New England Region UPCEA Conference in October.

According to their website, UPCEA is the only organization in North America that focuses on professional, continuous, and online educational businesses (PCO). For more than 100 years, UPCEA has served most of the leading public and private colleges and universities in North America.

“There is great pride in the opportunity to share with conference attendees our transformative perspective by breaking away from the traditional textbooks of higher education and rebelliously embracing the demands of today’s students,” said Minutillo.

As higher education is at a tipping point and the line between “traditional” and “non-traditional” students is blurring, candidates are weighing a broader set of factors when considering their options: synchronous vs. asynchronous, personal vs. remote, degree vs certifications or badges, etc., so employers have joined MOOCs for direct upskilling and/or OPMs to generate leads needed to meet enrollment goals.

The market has seemingly changed overnight and leadership cannot ignore these trends. “Customer by customer, industry by industry, Rebel Interactive Group has seen firsthand the lowest common denominator that separates thriving and failing institutions. The lack of rebellious leadership is more prevalent in higher education than in any other industry,” says Minutillo. “With the right amount of reflection, honesty, tools, frameworks, and aha moments, you can be the leader your institution needs to meet its biggest challenges.”

In direct response to the challenges facing the higher education industry, and in partnership with Regis University, the Rebel Interactive Group will share with conference attendees invaluable insights, coupled with the tools that enable new levels of confidence in the leadership around themselves to position for success You will also learn what solves each registry challenge.

“Through a highly collaborative approach with our valued university constituency, we have identified real solutions to legitimate pain points in today’s higher education landscape. We start by putting ourselves in the student’s shoes and then dive headfirst into creative, yet strategic, analytical efforts that ultimately help us differentiate ourselves from other digital agencies,” said Bryn Tindall, CEO and owner of Rebel.