Reckless digging hits underground water supply, internet networks – Newspaper

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GUJRAT: Careless digging for a sewer line has severely damaged the underground network of water supply, telephone and internet services in a densely populated part of the city along the West Circular Road.

The excavations are causing concern to local traders and residents of neighboring towns, who have accused the authorities concerned of causing damage to commercial and residential buildings by unprofessionally conducting the program.

The sewer line will be laid by the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) along the Circular Road from Fawara Chowk to Prince Chowk.

According to local residents, the water supply line was damaged during digging with heavy machinery for two consecutive days (Monday and Tuesday), resulting in water accumulation in the village and contamination of drinking water.

Local residents lament apathy from PHED, administration officials

The water that accumulates along the road is also a cause of concern for commercial building owners.

Ahmed Iqbal Butt, a resident of Shah Hussain Village, regretted that none of the officials from PHED or the local government bothered to take precautions before starting the excavation to save the commercial and residential properties in the area.

Attorney Gul Nawaz, a Circular Road resident, says that before the plan went ahead, he along with some other area residents, including some senior lawyers, met with the chief engineer and other PHED officials to convince them to ensure the safety of land through precautionary measures when digging the road, but to no avail.

He said earlier that phone and internet services in the area were down for many days because of the damage caused by reckless digging on the underground network. When those services were restored after frantic efforts by locals, the water supply line was damaged in several places, he regretted.

Nawaz regretted that both the district administration and city authorities failed to recognize the problems faced by the general public and warned against protesting if the situation persists.

West Circular Road is one of the busiest and busiest areas in the city, which is also home to some educational institutions.

When asked about the problem, a senior administration official tried to downplay it, saying: “Such problems often arise when laying sewers in congested areas, and people should bear the brunt of fixing the poor sewage system in the city there.” the authorities concerned had been instructed to solve the problem”.

Published in Dawn, November 16, 2022