Recognition from Surry County 4-H members and volunteers

On the deed, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be recorded on the deed. However, a tax stamp of $2 per $1,000 value will be affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the office of the Surry County Register of Deed include:

– David L. Thomas to Haley France; wing South Westfield; $210.

– Estate of Robert Hamilton Lankford III, John Frederick Lankford, Robert Hamilton Lankford III, Lydia Lankford, Rebecca G. Lankford and Thomas Barrett Lankford to Scott Schultz and Ann Schultz; Tract Elkin Estate by Robert Hamilton Lankford III; $0.

– Old Banner Properties, LLC and Marc A. Pumerantz to Sally A. Lucia; Lot 4 McCormick-Wright Property Pilot; $312.

– Betty Jane Key and Jane L. Key to Dillon M. Harris and Katherine L. Harris; tract one 3.82 acres and tract two 1.42 acres Eldora; $457.

– Norris G. Jarrell and Kay Jarrell Rogers to Dylan Michael Rynkdak; two tracts Mount Airy; $600.

– WLP Investments, LLC to United Rehab Specialist, LLC; lots 7-8 Sachsenwald sub-area 2 PB 10 60; $580.

– Gordon Errol Hall to Anthony Leonard Johnson, Dwight Lester Cass, Phyllis Elaine Taylor and Steven Leonard Johnson; 19.83 acres 4 tracts 652 Johnson Ridge Road estate of Lula J. Johnson and Eva M. Johnson Elkin; $120.

– Terry and Irene Family Trust, Terry Coe and Irene Coe to Carlos Gonzales and Guillermina Penaloza Espinoza; 1 acre Dobsonian; $150.

– Estate of Raleigh McMillian Jr. Estate of Junior McMillian, Barry McMillian, Raleigh McMillian Jr., Junior McMillian, Cheryl McMillian, Randall McMillian, Jeffrey McMillian, Vicky McMillian, Anna Burford, James Eric Linville, Amy Linville and Christina McMillian to Adrian Kayla Surratt; Block One Block and Block Two 0.01 Acres Mount Airy Estate of Raleigh McMillian Jr. File 21 E 687; $320.

– Warden, Inc., Estate of CE Flippin, Yvonne C. Caudell, Kimberly C. Glass, William Tony Glass, John Frank Chilton, Tabitha McGee Chilton, Daniel Coe Chilton, Peggy C. Moore, Judy J. Esserwein, Charles Esserwein, Ruth J. Matkins, Leslie G. Frye, Glenda W. Frye, and CE Flippin to James H. Smith; 229 acres South Westfield; $2,132.

– Adela Herrera to Millennium Buildings, Inc.; 1,350 acres PB 44 144 Dobson; $0.

– RBS Commercial Services, Inc. and Riverside Building Supply, Inc. to JGC Mount Airy, LLC and JGCMTALLC; Tracts Mount Airy; $160.

– Virginia M. Nixon to William F. Nixon; approximately 12.81 acres at Mountain Park Road Bryan; $0.

– CAS Investments, LLC to Rodrigo Escobar Benitez; tract Mount Airy; $400.

– James Howard Critz III and Shelley V. Tucker Critz to Timothy Dale Hodgin and Robin H. Hodgin; 0.483 acres PB 42 20 Mount Airy; $18.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Allen J. Lovill and Elizabeth J. Lovill to Kenneth Neil Harrold and Amy Nichole Harrold; 23.157 acres PB 42 1 Stewarts Creek; $280.

– Samuel R. Randazzo and Stephanie P. Randazzo to RAMAK, LLC; 1,518 acres PB 41 173 pilot; $80.

– Roger Dale Norman to Ryan Drew Norman and Roger Dale Norman; Four Tracts Bryan; $0.

– Amanda Faye Lowe and Lonnie Davie Lowe to Michael K. Billings and Pamela L. Billings; 3,197 acres Bryan; $0.

– LLG Trustee, LLC, Logs Legal Group, LLP and Cheryl Scott to Emmett James House, Bill R. McLaughlin and Samuel Moore; 981/227 Trustee Deed Block Two Lot 10 and Block Three 0.381 Acres Lot 13 HO Woltz Subdivision PB 4 4; $63.

– Grady Edward Johnson, G. Eddie Johnson and Carol S. Johnson to Anthony Travis Bowman and Megan Shelton Bowman; tract one tract and tract two 0.098 acres PB 10 80 and PB 19 57 Mount Airy; $200.

– CG Capital, LLC to Joshua S. Addington; 0.539 acres PB 36 90; $435.

– The estate of James Eugene Slate, Glenda Slate and James Eugene Slate to Dusty D. Slate; 0.284 acres Mount Airy Estate by James Eugene Slate File 22 E 468; $0.

– Mary Yvonne Wood and Michael Ray Wood to Adria Cain and Kaleb Webb; Lots 6-7 Sparger and Gardner Property PB 6 35 Mount Airy; $336.

– Carolyn P. Phillips to Glen Lee Steeby and Judith E. Steeby; Lot 9 Colonial Estates Subdivision PB 7 37 Eldora; $344.

– Regina Blackburn Reavis to G. Mark Greene; 1.85 acres Bryan; $140.

– Caroline Hawse O’Melia to Charles Michael O’Melia IV and Sarah Fleming-Dahl O’Melia; 0.669 acres on Lot 51 and part of Lot 50 Eugene G. Smith Property PB 5 40 Mount Airy; $0.

– Ronald Stockton and Truvella S. Stockton to Jason Stockton and Cassie Stockton; Lot 21 Winfrey Estate Property PB 10 145 Mount Airy; $96.

– Daron Lynn Atkins and Kimberly Atkins to Kevin Simmons and Shannon Simmons; 1.77 acres area two PB 26 117 Eldora; $230.

– J&E Properties from NC, LLC to Averi Properties, LLC; 1.34 acres area eight PB 12 114 320 West Old Westfield Road Pilot Mountain; $688.

– Philip Wayne Vestal and Patricia Faye Vestal to Gina Buchanan Haynes and Brandon R. Cosby; tract Elkin; $450.

– Nila Rosemarie Samter, Nila Starkey Samter and David H. Truban to Crystal D. Truban and Nathan D. Truban; 0.3020 acres Lot 96 and portion of Lots 97, 110 and 111 PB 1 74 Mount Airy; $61.

– Cory Steven Newman to Debra Kay Jackson and Guy Erwin Jackson Jr.; 1,727 acres PB 8 38 Dobson; $662.

– Debra Kay Basinger and Debbie Ann Key on Victory Joy Smith; 0.771 acres PB 41 186 Mount Airy; $30.

– Sue W. Stone to AIS Buildings, LLC; four packages PB 42 25 pilot; $700.

– Christiana Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, PNPMS Trust III and Cam Ventures Holdings, LLC to Melodie Iglesia and Jeffrey Sands Jr.; 4,990 acres of Eldora; $187.

– Lelia C. Gilreath and Charles S. Gilreath to the North Carolina Department of Transportation; US 21 Bus Int. Freeway Right of Way Certificate. and NC 268 Elkin; $160.

– Darryl L. Bledsoe and Vivian D. Bledsoe to Derek Lee Hicks and Savannah Bledsoe Hicks; 1,247 acres PB 41 151; $0.

– Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to James Robert Hogan and Kyung Hui Campise; tract; $150.

– Sylvia Stokes Eidson, Keith Bobbitt, William Bobbitt, Dayna Bobbitt, Caroline Bobbitt, Robert Rogers, Thomas P. Thompson and Deborah Rogers to Alyssa Sharon Kellam, Joel Alexander Kellam and April v. Kellam; half an acre Elkin; $270.

– Dora Joan Spencer to Robert J. Olson and Edessa L. Olson; Block 1 Lot 1-6 Estate of JHC Norman PB 5 8 and Block 2 Block 3952 Old Highway 601 Mount Airy; $520.

– J&E Properties from NC, LLC to Tulsi B, LLC; Lot 9 Shellybrook Drive PB 13 97 Pilot; $117.

– Kimberly S. Martin, Kimberly S. Swaim and Damen Martin at Puffs Properties, LLC; tract Elkin; $500.

– William Mark Dejournette to Tina M. Cockerham and John Bert Cockerham Jr; 19.313 acres PB 42 17 Franklin; $277.

– Chadwick D. Casstevens and Amber Copeland Casstevens to Sheets Park MHP, LLC; tract one 1 acre and tract two tract PB 3 31 Mount Airy; $920.

– Wesley Darrell Hill and Jessica Dawson Hill to Lloyd T. Peterson and Stacy C. Peterson; 3.38 acres Lot 1 Jerry Otis Love of Bunn Engineering Co PB 24 85; $150.

– Michael Whitt and Brigitte Whitt to Gabriel Ramirez Alvarado and Petra Leandro Alonzo; 2,056 acres PB 41 200 Rockford; $40.

– Heather Renee Wall and Tracy L. Wall to Charles William Baker Jr; Tracts Elkin; $82.

– Brian Dutton and Moira Dutton to LKTR Properties, LLC; tract A; $166.

– Leslie Victoria Sierra and Gabriela Vanesa Roberts to Robert Everett Qualheim and Christina Marie Qualheim; first wing Lot 4 PB 1 196 and second wing 1,386 sq ft Elkin; $780.

– John Mark Golding to Amy Lawson Puckett; tract Mount Airy; $400.

– William M. Young Jr. and Robin D. Young to Robert Jason Matthews and Ashley Ann Hardy; tract one 0.45 acres and tract two 0.67 acres Mount Airy; $444.

– Estate of Sandra Kaye Vernon, Sandra P. Atkins, Sandra Kaye Vernon and Claudia Browning to Jennifer Hodge; tract mountain airy; $236.

– Glenda Slate to Hallie Slate Crotts and Timmy Dale Crotts; three tracts Mount Airy; $0.

– William S. Swift and Deborah R. Swift to Sonflower Farms, LLC; Tracts Elkin; $0.