Reddit adds latest feed and tweaks sort control for home feeds

Reddit continues to tinker with its feed to make the platform easier to navigate for both newbies and veterans alike.

In September, Reddit added a dropdown menu of feeds, including Home, News, and Popular, to its iOS app and moved home feed sorting options to the Settings menu, and the company said Thursday that both of these changes greatly improve how it works have many posts that Redditors see in their home feeds.

To continue the momentum, Reddit revealed two more changes rolling out Thursday on iOS and early next year on Android.

A new Recent feed has been added to the dropdown menu, allowing Redditors to view content in chronological order and stay up to date with the communities they follow.

Reddit explained in a blog post Thursday, “The latest feed is the first of several new feeds we plan to release over the coming year. People use Reddit in many different ways, depending on their intention at the time of use – some prefer to read extensively and others want a passive, relaxed viewing experience. To address these sentiments, we are working to provide access to feeds based on your browser mode preferences and to prioritize your favorite feeds for easier feed switching.”

The platform is also removing sorting controls from their home feed and defaulting that feed to Best Sort. She says her research found that more than 99% of Redditors use two sorts in their home feed, Best and New.

Reddit wrote: “Today, the home feed is used as the entry point to discover conversations, communities, and creators that are relevant to you. To make it even better, we’re updating and developing features that give you an easier, more customized in-feed browsing experience.”

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The company reminded users that they have the option to tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of featured posts to tell Reddit to “show more posts like this” or “show fewer posts like this,” and that option is available on Android, iOS and the web.

Finally, Reddit is experimenting with changing the way certain posts appear in the Home, Latest, and Popular feeds on Android and IOS, focusing more on the content of the posts and less on elements that most Redditors don’t use .

The platform explained: “Starting today, posts that appear in the Home, Popular, and Latest feeds will not contain awards and the awards action will appear in the three-dot menu. These changes will only affect these three feeds and the posts will look the same on the post detail and community pages.”