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March 5, 2023 | 10:00 a.m

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The more we learn about how certain lifestyle choices can negatively impact the environment, the more you may want solutions to lessen your own impact. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased tech gadgets that can make your life greener without dramatic lifestyle changes.

Composting your food waste is just one way to help the planet during your daily routine. Reencle’s CES composter makes composting easier than ever with a noiseless, odorless, and efficient way to turn your leftover food into fertilizer, now for only $479 ($699).

Wave your hand or foot over the censor to automatically open the lid and throw your food waste into the composter. This is a small change to make in your usual routine. Just toss your leftovers in the Reencle instead of your trash can. Don’t worry about smelly odors coming out of the Reencle composter with three layers of filter to eliminate odors.

Reencle’s microbes work inside the food composter to gobble up your food waste, no matter how salty or acidic, hot or cold. You can add food at any time as the composter runs 24/7 safely and silently. When it looks full, simply remove the fertilizer and use it to provide your plants with rich nutrients. The microbes can be reused cycle after cycle without having to be replaced.

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Because the Reencle composter turns your food waste into fertilizer, it can be used to care for any type of living plant such as lawns, bushes, flowers, vegetable gardens or potted plants. Compost can be a wonderful addition to regular store-bought manure, providing your plants with a balance of nutrients and nutrition just in time for your spring gardening.

By reducing your food waste and promoting healthy plant growth, you can make your own positive impact on the environment. Go green with the Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter for just $479 ($699) through March 5 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, no coupon required.

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