Relax to the maximum with the best ASMR apps for iPhone

If you are one of those who relax and enjoy ASMR videos and games, we leave you 8 applications for iPhone that you want to download and try right now. Find inner peace with these ASMR apps for your iPhone

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that ASMR content is far from going out of fashion. Surely today it is not as popular as it was some time ago, the consumption of this type of video does not stop, which has led it to adapt to other formats.

This is how we find the ASMR apps that will allow us to relax and enjoy these types of sensations through different interactions directly from our mobile. If you want to know what these applications are, we leave you 8 alternatives that have intrigued us.

Find your moment of calm with these ASMR apps for iPhone

There are different types of ASMReach, each of which is capable of eliciting different responses in humans. That’s why we’ve selected a variety of themes in these apps so you can choose the one you like the most. Let’s get to know her now.

ASMR cut

Relax with Corte ASMR: a sensory journey through sound and vision

The first app on this list is the ASMR cuta game, which focuses on cutting kinetic sand and other objects just like in ASMR videos and will produce an incredibly satisfying feeling.

Capable of cutting various targets and kinetic sand figures with a realistic feel while producing smooth and relaxing sounds with haptic feedback that complement an immersive experience.

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ASMR DJ: Sounds to fall asleep to

ASMR DJ: Immerse yourself in a world of relaxing sounds to fall asleep to

Do you have trouble sleeping? Is it difficult to fall asleep? With ASMR DJ: Sounds to Sleep you will have no problem relaxing and massaging your brain with the best sounds to fall asleep.

It is one of the best ASRM apps available for iPhone to help you have a peaceful and restful sleep. You can choose between 36 different relaxing sounds or play them randomly with the “Mix” function, adjust the volume of each sound, schedule the shutdown and much more. The best part is that it’s completely free.

TeasEar – slime games

TeasEar – Slime Games – Enjoy the tactile and visual fun of slimes!

TeasEar – Slime Games is an amazing multi-trigger game to help you relieve stress and calm anxiety. Because it is based on ASMR, it is able to give you more effective results, instantly, for those moments when you want to escape from reality and the stresses of everyday life.

Choose between more than 50 realistic and very fun textures, each of which will offer you a unique response and exclusive sounds that will help you relax to the fullest. In addition, new slimes are added every week so that you can experience new sensations without interruption.

ASMR Studio 3D

ASMR Studio 3D: Discover an unprecedented 3D visual and audio experience

Back to Games ASMR Studio 3D is a fun hobby that lets you recreate ASRM’s most relaxing sounds right from your iPhone. But not only can you play, you also have the opportunity to create your own ASMR videos and share them on social networks and more.

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You can choose between different objects and actions, e.g. B. spin, fidget, cut spinners, cut soap and nails, use a sander crusher, a grinder and much more. If you are looking for a complete and varied application, this is for you.

cut soap

Soap cutting: a visual and tactile experience to relax your mind

Soap Cut, as the name suggests, is a game where you can cut ASMR soaps and enjoy an extremely relaxing and satisfying feeling, just like in the videos of your favorite creators.

The game itself is very simple, but offers realistic soap cutting mechanics, the ability to choose different types of soap, carvings and more. All this without forgetting the wide variety of relaxing sounds that you can enjoy

Rest: meditation and sleep

Calm Meditation and Sleep: Find inner peace and a restful sleep

Possibly one of the best ASMR, relaxation, and meditation apps on the App Store is Calm: Meditation and Sleep. It’s an incredible platform to help you reduce stress and anxiety and achieve deep and restful sleep when you need it.

Access guided meditation sessions varying in duration from 3 to 25 minutes that focus on different goals such as Calmness, Anxiety, Stress Management, Focus and Concentration, Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Esteem, Body Exploration, Calmness for Children and much more.

Sushi Roll 3D – ASMR Cooking

Sushi Roll 3D – ASMR Cooking: Enjoy the sights and sounds of sushi preparation

Do you like sushi and like ASMR? So Sushi Roll 3D – ASMR Cooking will be your favorite app for a long time. It’s a game in which you have to cut, slice and roll to have the best sushi restaurant while enjoying the pleasure of cooking.

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There are many activities you can do in this game to unlock new actions and add fun minigames. Beat levels, improve your sushi making skills, work with different ingredients and test your skills to earn bonuses.

Foot Clinic – ASMR Feet Care: Take care of your feet with a relaxing and sensual ASMR experience

Last but not least, Foot Clinic – ASMR Feet Care is a simple and very fun game in which you’ll run a foot clinic and your mission will be to help your patients and fix all kinds of feet.

It’s a strange game, satisfying but very addictive that you will love it once you try it and become a savior for all your patients.

Now that you know what our favorite ASRM iPhone apps are, tell us which one is your favorite or which one you would like to try.