Relaxed Camp, SkySafari 7 Plus and more

Tuesday’s collection of the best deals on iOS games and apps is now ready and waiting for you at the bottom of the fold. Also, be sure to check out the deals we’ve got on the official Apple Watch Milanese Loop bands, as well as Apple’s 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro and everything else you’ll find in our curated discount hub, right here. Apps highlight tiles include Sliding Puzzle, Laid-Back Camp Virtual Motosu, SkySafari 7 Plus, Rush Rally 3 and more. Below is a full rundown of today’s best iOS app deals.

The best deals on Mac and iOS apps

iOS Universal: Encarda: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: Future Ludo: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: FlorkOfStickers: FREE (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: Sliding Puzzle Board Game: FREE (Reg. $1)

iOS Universal: Relaxed Camp Virtual Motosu: $13 (Reg. $15)

iOS Universal: SkySafari 7 Plus: $13 (Reg. $15)

iOS Universal: SkySafari 7 Pro: $26 (Reg. $30)

iOS Universal: Rush Rally 3: $3 (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: Dungeon Defense: The Gate: $1 (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: Proloquo2Go AAC: $130 (Reg. $250)

Today’s Best Game Deals: Zelda Breath of the Wild $39, Preorder Tears of the Kingdom $60, More Other iOS app deals are still active:

iOS Universal: Peppa Pig: Fun Fair: FREE (Reg. $4)

iOS Universal: AI Anime Filters: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: iA Iconic: FREE (Reg. $5)

iOS Universal: Depello – Paint Splatter Photos: FREE (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: Egyptian Senet: FREE (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: Achi – Strategy Game: FREE (Reg. $1)

iOS Universal: Kensho: $1 (Reg. $4)

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iOS Universal: Siralim Ultimate: $6 (Reg. $10)

iOS Universal: Sumire: $3 (Reg. $6)

iOS Universal: Lost Horizon 2: $2 (Reg. $4)

iOS Universal: Loop The Game: $1 (Reg. $2)

iOS Universal: The Orchestra: $8 (Reg. $10)

iOS Universal: MobileFamilyTree 10: $15 (Reg. $30)

Mac:Speedio: Internet Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest: FREE (Reg. $10)

More about the relaxed camp Virtual Motosu:

Together, Nadeshiko (you!) and Rin embark on a new camping adventure at Lake Motosu, taking photos and tasting lots of delicious food. Close to scenic Mount Fuji, Nadeshiko, Rin & co. encounter a variety of unique situations. Join them in a short 3D adventure game (each version is about the length of an anime episode) where the fully voiced characters and vivid scenery will make you feel like you’re really there!

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