Relive the paper planner experience

If you’re missing the traditional paper planner experience where you can highlight text and add glowing sticky notes, Tweek might be for you. Otherwise probably not.

Tweek is a digital planner with a paper experience

In a digital world where traditional paper planners are mostly a dead relic, Tweek takes a different approach. While many digital planners come loaded with features that promise to save time and increase productivity, Tweek aims to go back to basics and simplify your workflow.

If Tweek’s contemporary logo is any indication, this app prides itself on its minimal aesthetic and bare-bones features. This weekly planner app intentionally offers limited features as it attempts to emulate the experience of a traditional weekly planner.

Instead of Tweek, users could opt for Apple’s Notes or Reminders for free, but these apps lack Tweek’s paper-like weekly planner layout. If you’re looking for some old-school nostalgia, consider this digital planner with basic features.

Weekly planner and sticky notes

Tweek’s layout is bare and minimal. The home screen resembles a page of your grandmother’s average paper planner. From here you can directly enter events on thin lines under each month and date.

Tweeks modern logo and printable template

Planning activities with this app conjures up nostalgia for simpler times. This can be comforting when you’re tired of the complex floating boxes and buttons that are so common in the digital world.

It is possible to print out empty templates for your weekly calendar or to enter your events in your weekly planner and then print them out. It’s a mystery why anyone would need to print out paper printouts while using a digital planner, but it could help those who are making the switch from just planning on paper to using a digital planner. Despite this, many other apps and software allow you to print weekly templates for free, e.g. B. Canva or Pinterest.

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To promote the paper experience in this digital app, Tweek tries to mimic features reminiscent of classic sticky notes. In addition to boxes that look like neon sticky notes, you can highlight text like it would on paper.

Tweek’s layout mimics a traditional weekly planner with bright colors

Understandably, those boxes and highlights are brightly colored, but they might be too distracting on a screen. Neon colors work well in real life because they’re not as harsh on the eyes, but that’s not the case when you’re using a bright screen.

In addition to the problem of ultra-saturated colors that could strain eyes on a screen, the free version only allows for a white background. Users need to upgrade to the paid version to enable dark mode.

Limited premium version

Paying for the premium version unlocks features like adding unlimited calendars, recurring tasks and reminders, and adding notes and subtasks. However, it may not be worth paying for Tweek.

For one, upgrading to the premium version of Tweek for unlimited calendars seems counterintuitive. If a user’s workflow is complex enough to require more than two calendars, Tweek’s sparse features probably won’t be enough to keep up.

Another limitation of this app is that it is best used on an iPhone only. Tweek has an iPad version, and iCloud syncing between iPhone and iPad was smooth. However, don’t count on using Tweek on your iPad as it’s still under construction according to Tweek’s website.

The iPad version of Tweek is poor and contains excessive white space

When Tweek was opened on an iPad, there were awkward blank spaces. Tapping on a line to add text often made everything disappear, leaving you with a completely blank screen.

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If you need a digital planner that works on multiple devices, Tweek isn’t a viable option at the current stage of development.

Using Tweek on an iPhone feels like using a traditional weekly planner, which can be a refreshing change for modern users. While Tweek needs further improvements and current features are scarce, it might be worth a try for those interested in contemporary designs and want the experience of primitive planning.

Tweek – Pros Digital planning with traditional paper experience iCloud syncing was smooth Tweek – Cons Limited features even with paid subscription Bright colors may cause eye strain for some Best to use on iPhone only Rating: 2 out of 5Wo to downloadDownload Tweek

for free or subscribe to the premium version with prices starting at $2.83 per month.