Reminders for Campus Regarding Political Activity and Facility Use

Reminders for campus related to political activity and facility use

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As this year’s Election Day approaches, there may be questions about how University of Arkansas staff can participate in the political process.

Now is a good time to review university policies regarding political activities and the use of university facilities and outdoor space.


The U of A respects the right of all employees to engage in political activities. However, employees may not involve the institution’s name, symbols, property, or furnishings in political activities.

For example, U of A employees may not use their title, email, letterhead, logo, or other university-related communications to engage in political activity. Nor may you engage in political activity at any time during working hours or with U of A-issued technology and equipment.

It is also recommended that when attending political events, U of A employees should not wear clothing that would identify them as U of A employees and should not represent their opinions as those of U of A.

For other applicable policies, see:


When not required for educational programs or official events, university facilities and outdoor areas may be made available for the use of members of the campus community and non-university entities, but generally must be reserved in advance.

The University Facility Usage Policy covers permitted uses and reservation procedures for university facilities and outdoor space comprehensively, including a link to an outdoor space reservation form.

Those requesting an indoor space reservation must contact building management for that location and follow all policies and procedures for that location.

For outdoor areas, a reservation must be completed and submitted to property management or the agency responsible for the site.

This policy will be implemented at all times consistent with the University’s core purpose of advancing knowledge, including encouraging lively discussion among members of the University community and consistent with the principles of the First Amendment.

The Fayetteville Policies and Procedures online resource includes all campus and academic policies as well as links to the UA System Policies and Board of Trustees Policies.

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