Resident leaves keys in car, believing thieves don’t enter city: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter


Grand Theft: Bagley Road

An officer went to a location where a car was reported stolen at 7:50 am on October 6. The owner wasn’t there, but the officer spoke to his brother.

The brother said he had some tools that were in the car when it was stolen. He also said that he was the main driver of the car. It’s in his brother’s name because his driver’s license was revoked.

The owner of the car had to report it stolen, which was done when he got to the police station.

The owner said his other brother saw the car parked in the driveway at 10 p.m. on October 5. His niece said she got home at 11:30 p.m. but it wasn’t there.

Police learned that a Cuyahoga County license plate reader was hit on the car at 10:45 p.m. in Brook Park.

The car was unlocked with the keys inside when it was stolen. The owner told the officer he never thought something like this could happen since he lives in Middleburg Heights.

Arrest warrant: Interstate 71 and Bagley Road

An officer received a notification at 5:32 a.m. on October 6 that a car whose owner had an active warrant was seen by a camera in the area and was heading towards him.

The owner had an active domestic violence warrant with North Olmsted Police Department. The officer saw the car in question exit the speedway and head east on Bagley Road. He stopped at the ramp to I-71.

The driver was the owner of the car. He was arrested and the car towed away.

Speeding: snow road

A motorist passed a police car traveling about 90 miles per hour at 11:11 p.m. on October 5 on I-71. The car also went over the lanes.

The officer activated the cruiser’s emergency lights. The car started to slow down. Officers saw two occupants moving around in the car.

After the car stopped, the driver told the officer she thought the speed limit was 75 mph. When asked for her insurance card, the driver searched her purse. The officer saw her move a clear plastic bag in which he saw a pill. Then he saw a clear plastic bag on the floorboard, one end tied and the other torn open.

He knew from experience that items wrapped in this way were consistent with illegal drug possession. The motorist denied doing anything illegal but initially allowed the officer to search the car. She was asked to get out of the car.

She was confused about what was illegal. She then took a bottle of pills from her purse that she believed contained antidepressants.

The officer noticed that she looked away from him after answering questions. She was very nervous when asked if she had illegal items in the car. She then decided she didn’t want the officer to search her car, saying, “We don’t have drugs or anything, but I’m uncomfortable with you getting in my car.”

The officer called for a K-9 officer arriving from Strongsville. It had a positive effect on the car. Police then found various pills mixed with over-the-counter pain relievers, suspected narcotics, a digital scale, and suspected marijuana.

The passenger said the items belonged to the driver. However, the officer told her that she would also later be charged with possession of drug abuse devices, as well as a straw with suspected narcotics residue in her purse.

The driver was reported for speeding and driving in designated lanes. They were released at the scene of the crime.

Damage to property: Normandy Boulevard

An officer went to the Islander Apartments at 12:26 p.m. on October 9 for punctured tires on a resident’s car.

The victim said she parked her car in her carport the day before. She returned there that morning and found that two of her tires were flat. She tried to fill them with air, but they wouldn’t hold air. Then she discovered cut marks on the sidewall of the left front and rear tires.

She also found a metal toy train set on the hood of her car and a coat hanger on the floor. She said when she parked her car, children were playing near her carport. She said the children may have damaged her tires when she went to her apartment.

She said she didn’t know the children but could identify them if she saw them again. The victim later sent police pictures of the children, who may have damaged their tires.

Drunk driving: Interstate 71

Police received a call at 2:35 a.m. on October 9 about a reckless driver on the freeway. The caller followed the car that went off the road and almost crashed into a guardrail.

The officer got onto I-71 and saw the car accelerate and meander. The car was traveling at 95 km/h. The car came to a stop at the Snow Road exit.

The driver’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy, ​​and his breath smelled of alcohol. He said he was going home to his hotel. He denied drinking.

He did not perform field sobriety tests well and was arrested for drunk driving. At the police station, he registered a blood alcohol content of 0.179. He received other citations as well.

Disorderly Conduct: Barriemore Avene

A Barriemore resident called police at 12:23 am on October 7 about a disturbance. The caller said a dog barked constantly from a neighbor’s house and residents revved up a car engine outside and made inappropriate noise.

He said this is an ongoing problem.

The police came and found that the situation was true. Several dogs barked from the house. The police tried to speak to the man and woman outside, but they yelled at the officers. The man shouted obscenities and talked about fighting the police.

The two were told that if there were any future incidents like this, subpoenas would be issued. The man continued to yell at the police, who left the scene to calm the situation.

A neighbor showed police video of the screaming man backing his car into the driveway and the incident of the dogs barking. He was advised to call the police again or contact the animal keeper in future incidents.

Police returned to the scene after receiving a call at 1:11 a.m. about the ongoing disturbance. The two residents were once again outside the house.

The police tried to get her back inside, but the two kept screaming. Another woman left the house and also shouted at the police. Officials cited the three individuals as having disorderly conduct. The three then returned to the house.

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