Revolutionizing the mobile lifestyle for generations

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As a leading provider of mobile communications services, CSL has always been quick to anticipate disruptive trends and bring emerging technologies to Hong Kong that help shape the networks of the future. CSL has not only won the hearts of customers, but also gained industry recognition on a global scale.

This year, CSL again won the coveted Gold Campaign Award at the HKMA Awards for Marketing Excellence. The award is considered the “Oscar of Marketing” and recognizes CSL’s commitment to driving innovative excellence and providing customer-centric services and solutions.

In addition, CSL was among the “Top 10 5G Global Leaders” named by internationally renowned independent mobile analytics authorities, winning recognition for delivering the widest 5G network coverage and best 5G gaming experience – thanks to its ultra-high speeds and low latency provide a seamless experience for customers. CSL also boasted above-average upload speeds, outperforming itself by 49.9% year-on-year while being voted customers’ favorite wireless carrier by leading local information technology publications.

CSL is committed to breaking industry records while remaining committed to developing differentiated mobile communications for consumers.

In the race for 5G, often referred to as the next game changer, CSL was the first carrier to bring true 5G services to market with differentiated services. His “csl. 5G – See the World Differently” campaign enabled customers to enjoy live broadcasts from multiple angles, lossless 24-bit FLAC music streaming, immersive VR and AR experiences, and more.

csl 1

Heading into the Metaverse era, csl’s 5G is poised to be a building block for the next evolution of the Internet. This year, proprietary 5G AR Lens technology was taken to new heights and with the launch of their award-winning “csl. 5G x MIRROR – Experience the World Differently” campaign to create an immersive MIRRORVERSE experience.

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Groundbreaking AR technology has allowed customers to immerse themselves in a range of groundbreaking augmented experiences, including access to AR-enabled calendars and trading cards. A traditional billboard has also been transformed into one of the city’s largest virtual SPIEGEL spectacles to extend the immersive AR reach outdoors.

Year after year, CSL sets out to revolutionize the wireless industry and create market-leading initiatives to maximize its unrivaled network leadership in the city. CSL will continue to provide best-in-class services and solutions for customers to “experience the world differently” for generations to come.