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beginning of awakening?

Asbury University in Wilmer, Kentucky. “Over 50,000 people flocked to Asbury University to experience revival grace, the outpouring of God’s messages and a longing for worship. It began as a normal service on February 8, according to college students. A gospel choir sang at the end of the service and some students hung out afterwards and the revival began! The meeting spread with millions of videos on social media over the days. In a letter to parents, Asbury President Kevin Brown described the event as a beautiful, historic moment of revival. Visitors took the sparks of fire of revival back to their hometowns. (The 2 weeks of 24 hour worship should end on February 23rd.)

Asbury has a population of 6,000 and the town is too small for such an influx of traffic so the town and university had to be closed to outsiders, but the revival had already spread to at least 20 other college campuses in the US and other nations.

On Sunday February 19th, Crossgates Baptist Church had over 100 students walking the aisles and attending services, giving their lives to Christ and beginning baptismal services which began at 9:30am and lasted until after 2pm

Mississippi State University, at Lee Hall – “Hundreds of students gathered on the steps for the National Collegiate Day of Prayer asking God to change hearts on the MSU campus.” I read a report saying that 4,200 college campuses have participated and thousands of people have been saved in the Philippines. Could this be the beginning of the “awakening” mentioned in the Bible?

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God did not call us to be “watered down, inclusive Christians.” Stand firm, don’t conform to the things of this world. We are not called to be people pleasers, but to be god pleasers.

If you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but it could take a lifetime for her. The greatest gift you can give someone is a simple “thank you” for being a part of your life!

At the last auto race, the Goodyear Blimp flew overhead with the words “DON’T SHOOT ME DOWN” written in large letters.

Prayers Needed: Ben Robinson, Shanna Thrash Cumberland, Jean Creason, Doug Elkins, Betty Waggoner, LaReece Crimm, Barbara Ladd, and Judy Wade. Sincere condolences to the family of Sydnee Stokes (12 year old granddaughter of Mark and Gale Jones) for her tragic loss and to the family of Sherrell Crout for her loss.

I hate that this didn’t make the news last week but too good not to mention it now. “This month of February we celebrated the 3 days a man is always right. That was February 29th, 30th and 31st!

“My grandfather told me he saw the Titanic and from the start he told people the ‘ship was going to sink’ but no one listened. He was a brave man, he didn’t give up. He warned them over and over again, on multiple occasions… until they kicked him out of the theater.”

Have a blessed week and share it with others. We just don’t know what a phone call means to a sick or trapped neighbor or person. Only by the grace of God could we have been that person!

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