Rise and Shine: Top alarm clock apps for Android users to wake up refreshed

NewsTechnologyTechookRise and Shine: top alarm clock apps for Android users to wake up refreshed From AlarmMon, which encourages you to play a mini-game, to Alarmy, which forces you to solve a math problem to wake you up wide awake, these are the most effective alarm clock apps on Android. Sleep, as Android not only tries to “softly” wake you up, but also tracks your sleep without a smartwatch (Picture: Urbandroid)Listen to this article Your browser does not support the audio element.

Waking up early in the morning can be challenging, but the right alarm clock can make a world of difference. Sometimes the clock app built into your phone might not be enough. If that’s the case and you’re an Android user, you’re in luck: there are tons of alarm clock apps available on the Google Play Store, some of which offer really unique features. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best alarm clock apps for Android to help you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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If you often unknowingly switch off your alarm clock, fall asleep again and miss something important as a result, then Alarmy is just right for you. It makes the task of snoozing your alarm that much harder, so when you can finally snooze the alarm you’ll be fully awake and aware. For example, Math Mission forces you to solve a math problem right after waking up. There is also a photo mission that forces you to wake up and take a photo of the registered location to stop the alarm.

AlarmMon (Image: AlarmMon)

AlarmMon is a fun and unique take on alarm clocks. It gets you playing a game as soon as you open your eyes and gives you that early morning kick. When you first open it, it will ask you what type of sleeper you are – light, medium, or heavy – and suggest games accordingly. If you choose that you have a heavy sleep and want to do some physical activity after waking up, you will get a game called Zombie Lengtoo, where you have to tap to break a glass window and save a cute animal from a zombie attack. The alarm clock will ring until you finish the game. There are many more games like this to choose from.

Sleep as an android

Sleep as Android is one of the most popular sleep tracking apps on Android – and it doubles as an alarm clock app. The description for the app calls it “a Swiss Army knife for your sleep,” and looking at the feature list, it certainly seems that way. Aside from sophisticated sleep tracking features that don’t even require a smartwatch, the app uses AI-powered sound detection to try to fix your snoring and register sleep conversations. Unlike Alarmy, which forces you out of bed, Sleep as Android tries to do the same gently, which can be helpful for those with anxiety issues. The app also integrates with Google Fit, Samsung Health, Android Wear and Spotify.

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I can’t wake up (Image: Kog Creations)

This app also does everything it can to wake you up on time, with its eight different wake-up tasks that you can’t turn off the alarm until you complete them. These are as follows:

Math: Do some math equations
Memory: Find pairs for each colored tile
Order: Put the tiles in the right order
Repeat: Repeat the displayed sequence of clicks
Barcode: You have to get up to scan the code placed in the bathroom, kitchen or just on your table
Rewrite: Carefully rewrite randomly generated text
Shake: Shake your phone until you feel awake
Match: connect pairs of words


Mornify is an alarm clock app geared towards waking you up to music based on the mood or activity you want to wake up to. You can search by artist, genre, mood, curated playlist, or use the music stored on your phone to get the most out of your alarms.

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