launches pilot for safer schools in West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W. Va., May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rank One Computing ( is proud to officially announce the launch of our Safer Schools Initiative, a pilot program to improve proactive safety capabilities at one of our schools the most vulnerable areas of the nation – our schools. This critical initiative will improve safety for students, teachers and staff—first in West Virginia public schools, then across the country and around the world. teams have worked closely with more than 50 schools in four West Virginia districts in the initial rollout of our live video analytics platform into existing school-based camera systems.

ROC Watch is now live and in action, automatically enabling school administrators to:

approve visitors before they enter the premises, detect incidents or intruders, configure smart alerts for any device count, or locate missing children during an incident

During this pilot phase, we are working closely with our West Virginia school and community partners to optimize our technology and meet our undeniably high standards of accuracy, speed and precision.

ROC Watch is used to identify visitors and help administrators manage building access before guests enter the front office. Through a quick, easy mobile registration process, staff and visitors set up a profile in a virtual badgeless visitor management system stored locally at each school.

Last month, ROC Watch went live at West Fairmont Middle School and the Marion County School District. Schools in Taylor, Doddridge and Putnam counties will follow this month. This process includes software installation to expand existing security camera systems.

The first rollout of the Safer Schools Initiative pilot program was a success. prides itself on pioneering proactive technology solutions that address significant national challenges.

“We are very excited to be working with schools in West Virginia to pilot this important innovation. School safety is our top priority. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that help build a safer future for children and educators around the world,” said CEO Scott Swann. develops unique algorithms that detect authorized and unauthorized visitors, manage vehicle access, visually identify long guns, and automatically trigger emergency protocols when threats are detected. We also offer “faceless” solutions such as fingerprint scanning. These automated technologies increase security by extending security perimeters around buildings.

Our Safer Schools Initiative moves in lockstep with the West Virginia Governor’s statewide WV School Safety Initiative to improve safety procedures before, during and after a potential incident.

Some real world applications of ROC Watch are:

Detection and Prevention

Local law enforcement and school administrators can work together on proactive watchlists of banned individuals, such as fired employees or expelled students. ROC Watch can automatically restrict access or send alerts to a specific authority.

Crisis Response

ROC Watch can detect a long gun near a building entrance, automatically restrict access and alert authorities. ROC Watch can also alert when an unauthorized visitor attempts to pick up a child from school so security or staff can intervene.

Response after the crisis

During an evacuation, ROC Watch can quickly count children to ensure no one is missing.

ROC Watch can identify the current location of a missing student with or without a face visible, or track a person’s movement across multiple camera streams.

“We are especially grateful for the early support our pilot initiative has received here in West Virginia. Many thanks to Marion County School District Superintendent Donna Heston, Ed.D., as Marion County Schools were the first to sign up as early adopters, followed by Taylor County (Superintendent Christy Miller), Doddridge County (Superintendent Adam Cheeseman), and Putnam County (Superintendent John Hudson) ROC also appreciates our US Senators Joe Manchin III, Shelley Moore-Capito, West Virginia Department of Homeland Security, WV State Police, the WV Fusion Center, the WV Department of Corrections and the West Virginia State Board of Education for their support as we bring these enhanced safety features to schools in West Virginia,” said Jessica Sell,’s vice president of Congressional Affairs & Community Outreach.

The Safer Schools Initiative is currently accepting applications from West Virginia school districts interested in contributing to a smarter, safer future for our students and educators.

School district administrators outside of West Virginia can join our waitlist for updates on future additions to our Safer Schools initiative at

For partnership opportunities and all other inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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Founded in 2015 to develop faster, more accurate and more reliable computer vision and biometric algorithms, Rank One Computing continues to raise the bar for American-made, ethically engineered technology solutions. ROC protects millions around the world every day with its industry-leading multimodal software development kit, supporting third-party fraud prevention, commercial security and criminal investigation applications, as well as its own growing suite of full-stack video security and live analytics tools. In 2022, Rank One Computing opened its East Coast Center of Excellence in Morgantown, WV, staffed with executives, managers and engineers – all native West Virginians.

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