Roger Federer’s voice will accompany you on your next Waze ride

Get directions with Roger Federer’s voice when you use the Waze Ride app. The 20-time Grand Slam winner has become one of the most popular players throughout his career, winning numerous trophies and medals. Another great achievement of this tennis champion is the fact that he was ranked #1 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 310 weeks.

With all these great achievements, Roger Federer is a professional in the world of tennis. But now he seems to be making an appearance in the tech industry as Waze integrates his voice into their service. He’s not the first celebrity to lend his voice to Waze to give users directions on where to go.

There are already loads of celebrities who have their voices on the Waze app, but none of them do it quite like Roger. Roger not only gives users detailed driving directions while driving, but also keeps drivers and passengers entertained while driving. Roger Federer’s voice will also be available in more than one language, which is a huge plus for non-English speaking users of the Waze app.

Everything you can expect when Roger Federer’s voice is available on the Waze app

If you know who Roger Federer is, you know that he speaks more than one language. The list of languages ​​he speaks includes English, French and German. Waze will provide Roger Federer-voiced instructions in all three languages ​​for those who speak either language.

A few days ago, Waze announced on its Twitter page to users that the tennis champion would expand their in-app experience. With the words “Let the tennis legend guide you,” Waze managed to woo Rogers fans who use their app to navigate. Following this announcement, Waze app users and Rogers fans have made his voice their preferred navigation option.

For those who have made the switch, Roger Federer’s voice will give them step-by-step instructions and spice up the ride. He even gives drivers a word of encouragement by saying “hey, even champions can screw things up” if the user misses a corner. At the start of the rides, the tennis pro also says a few words, assuring users that he will guide them to their destination.

These instructions and fun suggestions are available in English, French and Germany with Roger Federer’s voice. Well, this isn’t an artificial intelligence mimicking Roger’s voice, it’s his original voice. To use Roger Federer’s voice for directions in the Waze app, go to the “Language and sounds” option on your settings page. From here you can change your app’s navigation voice to that of the tennis champion.

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June 05, 2023