Rowan Dean may be acting out real and deepfake scenarios

A voice recording of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and lawyer Noel Pearson discussing proposals to water down Voice’s proposals to address concerns from Constitutional Conservatives has been leaked on social media: “Perhaps we could adjust the line on… “No.” “Well, um, how about we just change…” “Nope.” “Um, maybe we could clarify…” “No.” “Um…how about?” “Nope.” “Can we?” “Nope.” Is deepfake true?

A photo has emerged online of the former NSW Prime Minister secretly folding his ballot paper in last weekend’s general election, clearly showing that he cast his vote with a 1 in the box for Labor and Chris Minns. True or deepfake?

A grand jury in the United States indicted former President Donald Trump with the felony of walking Jay down a busy Manhattan street during a Bronx street carnival in 1993. True or deepfake?

The Pope declares from the Vatican that climate change is the new official religion of the Church of Gaia and that all crucifixes, images of the Virgin, relics and other such blasphemous paraphernalia should be immediately replaced with statues of Greta Thunberg made from 100 percent recycled material consist plastic. True or deepfake?

A video shows former Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Government House secretly serving as Minister for Education, Minister for Roads and Transport, Minister for Net Zero, Minister for Liberal Candidate Preselection, Minister for Hillsong Church, Minister for the Shire, Minister for How can the Sharks win, serve for… True or Deepfake?

Appears a clip from a popular Chinese television show of the Victorian Prime Minister singing the praises of benevolent, peace-loving China as he enjoys spending his time enjoying the hospitality of his compassionate and considerate Chinese Communist Party hosts, undisturbed by the noisy presence of all the boorish members of the Australian media pack. True or deepfake?

A TikTok video appears of Daniel Andrews and Xi Jinping at a Beijing hot spa showing each other their favorite TikTok clips. True or deepfake?

A TikTok video shows former NSW Treasurer Matt Kean in a hot spa, with Federal Energy Secretary Chris Bowen chuckling at how the spa’s hot water was heated using only solar and wind energy. True or deepfake?

A photo has circulated on social media of German Climate Change Secretary Chris Bowen and his pal, Transport Secretary Catherine King, standing together and utterly stunned in the middle of a six-lane freeway next to a car that for some reason has mysteriously stalled Just. True or deepfake?

A photo has emerged online of NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham wrapping his arms around NSW independent Alex Greenwich as they share a joke at a drag queen bingo pub night in Paddington. Is deepfake true?

A video appears of the Libs winning Aston. True or deepfake?