Rowhi Rai’s remarkable rise in social media and entertainment gives emerging talent more hope and inspiration

She’s got the game in her hands on both social media and the entertainment industry with a Netflix show.

Rowi Rai

Updated: February 20, 2023 3:05 p.m

Deciding to be part of a thriving industry can prove challenging, let alone making it big in it. Still, there were people who listened to their hearts and acted on those dreams to get closer to their goals every day. Doing this in the world of social media or entertainment is quite a daunting task considering how competitive things have always been in these areas; However, it’s professionals and believers like Rowhi Rai who make waves with their passion for their work. This incredible youngster has made his mark on both social media and the entertainment industry.

She has proven at every turn how she deserves to be known as a prominent name in these niches over the past seven years since she began her journey. Be it her confidence, style, passion for her craft, or determination, all have propelled her forward in a career that has instilled more hope, positivity, and inspiration for many other rising and emerging talents. She was born in Darjeeling and grew up in Noida. Very early in her life, she decided to enter the world of social media, taking inspiration from self-made content creators like Bhuvan Bam and Liza Koshy. She wanted to be as famous as them, so she started and then TikTok.

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She soon reached 3 million followers, which then brought her exciting projects like MTV Love School Season 4 (2019) and MTV Ace the Quarantine. Today she also has a Netflix show “Social Currency” in her kitty that will be released soon.

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Rowhi Rai believes that although social media is a cluttered space, all those who have excelled as content creators could do so because they have focused on honing their distinctive skills and providing uniqueness to their audience while they remain authentic in their content. She could be distinctive because she is a one-woman army that doesn’t copy or toast other people’s content but creates content based on original ideas centered on her lifestyle, family and friends.

In the near future, Rowhi Rai (@rowhi_rai) would like to see herself on the big screen and have more impact on TV shows and OTT platforms.