Rugged edge computing for harsh environments follows the move away from the cloud

At ISC West 2023, Premio shows how rugged edge computing can easily withstand the toughest industrial workloads in the harshest environments without dropping a clock.

Many trends shape the modern security market with a strong focus on robust hardware such as intelligent sensors. There is a shift away from the cloud towards IOT sensors with lidar, high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge technology. The sensors are providing the required data, so now is the time to focus on hardware acceleration with a new architecture to provide AI analytics.

Premio has leveraged its 35 years of industrial engineering, reliability and mechanical engineering expertise to develop Rugged Edge Computing. Computing technology is designed to work in the toughest environments, such as those found in industrial settings, military applications or outdoor installations. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, water, wind and other environmental factors that could potentially damage or degrade traditional computer systems.

In an effort to continue to provide future-proof security, Premio remains focused on X86 computing by providing solutions that grow effectively with the industry. X 86 acts as a solid foundation and, when coupled with rugged edge computing, can easily shoulder industrial workloads in the most demanding environments.

Premio Rugged Edge Computing devices are designed to be extremely reliable and durable even in the toughest conditions. They are built to withstand shock and vibration, as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This makes them ideal for use in applications where traditional computer systems would be prone to failure or malfunction.
One of the key benefits of Premio Rugged Edge Computing is its ability to operate in remote or off-grid locations. The technology can be used to collect and process data in real time without requiring a constant connection to a centralized computer system. This makes it an ideal choice for applications such as oil and gas exploration, mining and other industries that require on-site data processing capabilities.

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In addition, Premio Rugged Edge Computing supports a wide range of peripherals and sensors. This technology is designed to be flexible so it can be used with a wide variety of sensors, cameras, and other devices. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal choice for applications that require complex data acquisition and analysis.

Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing at Premio, paints a picture of the importance of Edge AI for rugged edge computing while also examining the transformation of the modern security market.