Ruxandra Mercea Becomes Executive Director and Sole Proprietor of Transylvania College

Generational change at Transylvania College: Mr. Dan Baciu and Mrs. Simona Baciu, the founders of Transylvania College, officially passed the leadership and ownership of the Transylvania College Foundation and School to their daughter, Ruxandra Mercea. Ruxandra has led the school as Executive Director for the past 9 years. Simona and Dan have decided to focus on the projects they have initiated over the last few years.

“Education is the common denominator in our family. In the early 1990’s, when many of our friends were leaving Romania, we decided to be pioneers and make an impact on education back home. We founded Transylvania College in 1993 and created a new kind of education based on the welfare of teachers and students. Ruxandra has continued our efforts and made the school a national and international benchmark in education. We believe this is the right time for this ownership transfer. We are sure that Ruxandra is the best person to contribute to the healthy growth of future generations in Romania.” said Simona and Dan Baciu.

In September 2013, Ruxandra became Executive Director of Transylvania College. In those 9 years, the school has grown by 255%, reaching 690 pupils in the 2022-2023 school year. Under Ruxandra’s tutelage, Transylvania College has been nominated as the best British school in the world. Graduates of the 9 classes have studied at top universities in Romania and around the world. This is due to the excellent results in the Cambridge exams that the students take in all the subjects studied.

The School’s achievements and impact have also been recognized by the UK Department of Education. Every 3 years the school receives a visit from BSO inspectors who compare the educational level of Transylvania College to the standards of the best performing UK independent schools.

At the last inspection, which took place in February 2022, the UK inspectors concluded that the school is a benchmark of educational good practice when compared internationally. It is further recognition of the efforts of the school team formed over nine years under Ruxandra’s leadership. The internationally recognized recognition recognizes both the changes achieved at Transylvania College and the school’s impact on the education system in Romania as a whole. The School of Trust initiative, launched in 2020 by Ruxandra and Transylvania College, is a model that is now being implemented in over 200 Romanian schools and kindergartens in 36 districts.

During the global pandemic, Ruxandra and her team founded Spark Hybrid High School. Spark’s goal is to meet the needs of young people for quality online education that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Since 2017, Ruxandra has been a member of the G30, a group of education professionals made up of principals selected by invitation only from 30 of the world’s most innovative schools.

Ruxandra Mercea said: “I am grateful for the hard work and wisdom of my parents to make the official transfer a success. I will continue to build a school for the children and adults in their lives, at home and at school, with love, kindness, faith and courage, along with my team. My dream is that what we have created here reaches as many children as possible, both through the expansion of Transylvania College to other cities across the country and through the School of Trust model for government schools.”

The transfer of ownership was facilitated by lawyer Răzvan Bălosu on behalf of Ruxandra Mercea and Ciprian Paun (NNDKP), representing Simona and Dan Baciu.

Transylvania College is a nationally and internationally recognized school focused on student well-being and academic progress, operating on the Cambridge model in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The primary mission of the Transylvania College community is innovation in education through a modern philosophy aligned with international standards and based on four pillars: Academic Advancement, Leadership, Wellbeing and Global Awareness.

Transylvania College’s educational offering covers all segments, from kindergarten to high school, and offers instruction in two accredited majors in English and Romanian. Students at Transylvania College learn in a unique, multicultural environment, with the school currently home to almost 700 students and around 100 teachers of 30 different nationalities from six continents.