Sac State and other CSUs to provide early access for community college students

Community college students will soon be able to enter into admissions agreements with the state of Sacramento or any other CSU campus, giving them early entry into the university system and creating a more efficient path to earning their degrees.

The Transfer Success Pathway system, which is rolling out this summer, is part of an effort to reverse the decline in the number of students transferring from community colleges to CSU. Students who enter into a dual admissions agreement with a particular CSU campus receive counseling, library access, financial aid information, and other services during their studies at the community college.

The program guarantees admission to the selected campus once students have completed the academic requirements.

“We are excited for the opportunity to work with them earlier in their journey,” said April Grommo, CSU’s deputy vice chancellor for strategic enrollment management. “The Transfer Success Pathway is CSU’s promise and commitment to those not taking a direct path to a four-year degree, particularly those facing academic, geographic, or financial barriers.”

Nationwide, the number of students enrolling in community college and transferring from community college to four-year universities has fallen dramatically in recent years, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If a student chooses to attend a community college, they can remain associated with Sac State and join the Hornet Family within two or three years through our Admissions Guarantee.” — Steven Salcido, associate vice president of enrollment administration and student services

Reversing these trends can make a big difference in student success. Data shows that 40% of CSU transfer students graduate within two years and 80% within four years.

The CSU hopes that their new program will make it easier and more efficient to switch to the system.

Beginning with the senior year of high school in 2023, the Transfer Success Pathway program is open to first-year California Community College students who were ineligible for the CSU system at the time of high school graduation or were unable to attend due to personal or financial reasons Reasons.

This summer, CSU will launch an online “Transfer Planner” portal where students can determine their eligibility for the program, research campuses, available programs, and enter into an agreement with a specific campus stating that they will transfer within three years to the change CSU.

Scholars who enter into such an agreement are then entitled to services at their chosen campus, as well as invitations to events such as sports games, speeches, celebratory gatherings, and more.

The program will have a significant impact in Sac State, where a large portion of the student body enrolls in community college.

About 46% of students admitted last fall came as transfers, said Steven Salcido, the university’s associate vice president of enrollment management and student services. But while Sac State’s overall job count has held steady over the past several years, enrollments for local transfers this fall were about 4.5% lower than last year.

Under the new program, community college students who have been denied admission to the CSU campus will receive a letter “telling them that we will be working with you,” Salcido said.

“If a student chooses to attend a community college, they can remain associated with Sac State and join the Hornet Family within two or three years through our admissions guarantee.”

In addition to increasing enrollment, the program will strengthen ties between community colleges and CSU campuses, Salcido said.

“The idea is to build a community,” Salcido said.

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