Samsung Electronics, Try Galaxy app update for non-Galaxy users… Only works with Safari on iOS

Try Galaxy supports 14 languages ​​and the application can be downloaded via a simple QR code scan.

On March 31, Samsung Electronics announced its enhanced “Try Galaxy” app, which allows non-Galaxy smartphone users1 to test new features of the recently launched Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1. The app is also now available in 14 languages ​​including Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (CN/TW), English, French, French (Canadian), German, Japanese, Portuguese (BR), Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), and Swedish Vietnamese.

“We pride ourselves on the intuitive, convenient and customizable experiences only available through the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem,” said Sonia Chang, Vice President of Brand Marketing Group of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re committed to continuing to empower people who aren’t yet Samsung users to explore the possibilities of the best and newest Galaxy experiences.”

Since its launch in 2022, Try Galaxy has been downloaded over 2 million times. Once downloaded, app users can find helpful tutorials and explore the app’s homepage, including Galaxy icons, widgets, and navigation. Users can also try other apps and features available through Samsung Galaxy. The newly improved app highlights key elements of the Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1, including.

Users can explore what’s possible with Samsung Galaxy’s most advanced camera system, including cinematic nightography and transformative AI for vivid and clear night shots. You can also try in-app editing tools like Photo Remaster to automatically enhance image details.

Users can experience how the Galaxy S23 series redefines peak performance in a video that demonstrates next-level gaming capabilities with an optimized mobile platform, battery and display.

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Users can immerse themselves in the latest world of One UI 5.1 with customizable wallpapers, icons, message interfaces, backgrounds and more for a mobile experience that suits their personality and style.

Try Galaxy now supports 14 languages ​​and the application can be downloaded via a simple QR code scan.

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The summary of this article in Korean is as follows.

■ 삼성 전자, 아이폰 사용자 를 를 ‘Try Galaxy’ 앱 앱 … S23 시리즈 고객 경험

삼성 전자 가 os os 에게 운영체제 운영체제 운영체제 시리즈 을 을 하기 하기 위해 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 을 을 했다 했다 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 했다 했다 했다 했다 했다 된 된 된 된 된 된 했다 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 된 했다 했다 했다 된 된

Try Galaxy 앱은 아랍어 , 인도네시아어, 중국어(CN/TW), 영어, 프랑스어 등 전세계 14개 언어를 지원한다.

해당앱은 2022

Try Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23.


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