Samsung is responding to mounting complaints about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s broken screen

Many early adopters of the Galaxy S23 Ultra complain about a broken screen on their new phone. According to posts on Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung community forums, the screen is a little off. More specifically, it looks like the display has a slight deformation. For the majority of affected users, the apparent error is either on the lower left or right side, although some have noticed it on both sides.

Can confirm that every Galaxy S23 Ultra device in this store (all demo devices and my device) has this “defect” in the lower right part of the *display*.

It has this weird look and I’m not even sure where it’s a defect or just Samsung itself screwing it up.

— Alvin (@sondesix) February 16, 2023

At $1,200, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a very expensive device, so users are rightly alarmed about the screen distortion issue.

Luckily there is nothing to worry about. In response to a Twitter user who had the issue on two Galaxy S23 Ultra devices, Samsung UK explained that this was not a bug and that some parts of the display appear to be crushed as the screen has multiple layers of glass that are bonded together are ensure waterproof and dustproof performance.

In short, even if the bottom corners of the Galaxy S23 Ultra suggest that the product is defective, it is not. In most cases, you have to look very closely or shine a light to even notice the problem, and some users don’t mind.

In fact, this so-called problem is common on Samsung phones, and the company even has a dedicated page to explain that traces of stacked lines on the display are not a product defect.

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The screen is made up of many different layers of components that are pressed together to protect it from water and dust. The refraction of light can cause the display to appear distorted.

The display panel is made up of many layers of components, including surface-hardened glass, which is applied directly to the display panel. It adopts waterproof/dustproof structural design, which can effectively prevent foreign objects or liquids from entering. All Samsung products have passed strict internal quality tests. The display panel is a multi-component component (surface tempered glass, dustproof, waterproof layer…). Under strong light, at certain angles, lines can be seen after refraction. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the function and life of the product. Please don’t hesitate to use it.

Aesthetically, the Galaxy S23 Ultra might seem like a very iterative update, but it packs a ton of improvements, including the new custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, a 200-megapixel camera, and long battery life. It has proved very popular with early buyers and if the momentum keeps up it will be one of the best phones of 2023.