Samsung SDS promises to strengthen its presence in the B2B cloud market

Biz & Tech 2023-03-12 15:50 Samsung SDS promises increased presence in B2B cloud market Samsung SDS CEO Hwang Sung-woo addresses cloud business strategy during a press conference at the company’s Songpa-gu headquarters, Seoul , Friday. Courtesy of Samsung SDS

By Baek Byung-yeul

Samsung SDS seeks to increase its presence in the domestic enterprise cloud computing market by offering secure and customized cloud services tailored to the needs of business-to-business (B2B) customers who want a digital transformation, the IT services arm of Samsung Group said Friday.

“People who use cloud computing services well reap many benefits, but those who are not used to it experience inconveniences. We have prepared a lot over the past two years to provide services that are easy to use,” said Hwang Sung-woo. Samsung SDS CEO said during a press conference in Seoul.

“We are an IT service provider focused on B2B services. It’s very complicated to provide cloud computing services for enterprise customers, but we want to solve it simply,” said Hwang, announcing the company’s new slogan for cloud services, Cloud, Simply Fit.

What sets Samsung SDS apart from other service providers is the company’s ability to offer Samsung Cloud Platform (SCP), Managed Cloud Service (MSP), and Software as a Service (SaaS) services.

Samsung SDS said its own SCP provides cloud services optimized for business and for the needs of its B2B customers who demand security and availability. In addition, the MSP service, which refers to an all-in-one managed cloud service, is based on Samsung SDS technology and experience, which through IT service consulting, deployment and operation in more than 30 years have been collected.

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For the SaaS services, the Company offers Brity RPA automation service, co-work solution Brity Works, mobile EMM security solution, Nexprime SCM supply chain management service, and Nexprime HCM human resource management solution powered by Samsung SDS developed and operated successfully.

“Samsung SDS can meet customers’ diverse needs by providing cloud services optimized for each customer through these three categories of services,” said Koo Hyung-joon, executive vice president and head of cloud service business division at Samsung SDS.

Samsung SDS Data Center in Dongtan, Gyeonggi Province / Courtesy of Samsung SDS

To demonstrate the company’s strength in the B2B cloud computing market, Samsung SDS unveiled its newly built data center in Dongtan District, Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province – the first facility in the country dedicated to high-performance computing (HPC) dedicated.

“The data center provides high-speed, large-capacity cloud computing services for customers who need complex operations such as AI, big data analysis, and R&D tasks through SCP,” the company said.

Samsung SDS added that Dongtan Center is the only facility in Korea that is mutually backed up by its three data centers, meaning it is able to provide stable services regardless of extraordinary events such as fires or power outages.