Samsung wants to offer seamless updates on Galaxy devices with One UI 6

what you need to know

  • In a recent interview, Samsung’s Vice President Sally Hyesoon Jeong shed some light on One UI.
  • Jeong revealed plans for the upcoming One UI 6 operating system for Galaxy devices.
  • Standout details included the seamless rollout of updates and the latest One UI 5 offerings for Galaxy devices.

Samsung is now striving to provide updates faster than ever, although there is still one major concern among users with these updates: seamless updates. It’s something Galaxy phones have missed but could finally arrive over the course of the next year.

When an update is currently deployed to an end-user with a Samsung device, they must download it and the installation can take up to 20 minutes, depending on the size of it. Meanwhile, the user cannot use their phones. Phones like the Pixel smartly address the issue by downloading and installing the latest operating system in the background, and in the end the user has to do a quick and easy reboot.