SAP Emarsys introduces Mobile Wallet

Today, at its Power To The Marketer Festival 2023, SAP Emarsys announced a new channel, Mobile Wallet, to expand its range of omnichannel capabilities that enable brands to connect with customers anywhere. The new channel offering allows marketers to use Google and Apple wallets, already used by millions of people worldwide, to deliver personalized vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards to customers – with or without the brand’s app.

SAP Emarsys launches Mobile Wallet to empower marketers to stay ahead of consumer expectations. With the cost of living crisis, it’s more important than ever for brands to be competitive. The importance of earning that all-important genuine loyalty is underscored by a recent SAP Emarsys* study, which found that three out of five customers remain loyal to a brand when they are offered regular incentives, discounts and rewards. However, when brands lose a customer due to cost reasons, the study found that as long as the retailer continues to communicate in the right way, 80% of respondents will return to that brand as soon as they can afford it. And with 76% of global consumers surveyed demanding personalized marketing communications from brands, it means getting to know those customers.

This makes the mobile wallet an indispensable solution for staying connected with both active and inactive customers, who are reminded of the brand with offers tailored to their interests every time they use it.

As brands struggle to keep up with the explosion of shopping channels, the mobile wallet acts as an easily accessible companion and is a highly effective customer experience solution for addressing the 41% who put off a brand because of bad experiences, or for those who do do not like too many apps on their phone.

With customers’ high expectations for personalization, mobile wallet enables marketers to better understand their customers and engage consistently across multiple channels, from email to mobile to in-store, with convenience and simplicity.

This means that every time a customer visits a store and uses the loyalty card, coupon or voucher, retailers can identify and learn more about the customer, creating a consistent online and offline view for personalization to deepen and increase the lifetime value. Additionally, integration with Google Wallet and Apple Wallet means customers have these personalized incentives front and center at the point-of-sale when it matters most.

“Today’s savvy consumers will not tolerate a bad experience or a reward that falls short of the mark. To earn their loyalty, we need to understand exactly what each individual values ​​and deliver it at exactly the right time, on the channel they prefer,” said Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys. “With our new mobile wallet capability, marketers can take their brand promise to a higher level, giving them more opportunities to deliver the personalized, seamless experiences their customers expect.”

1. SAP Emarsys Mobile Wallet: expands the company’s mobile capabilities, including new and enhanced features.

2. Mobile In-App and Push: Deliver highly personalized, targeted push notifications and in-app offers.

3. Mobile Inbox: Connect customers with content beyond their transactions

4. SMS: Connect with customers online and offline with personalized, contextually relevant text campaigns, backed by automation.

5. Mobile Reporting: Understand total return on investment by tracking revenue impact with pre-packaged performance reports and attributions to understand what’s really driving growth, both online and in person.

“Imagine walking into your favorite store, just grabbing your iPhone to pay with Apple Pay, and in the palm of your hand, all the coupons and loyalty card you need all in one place,” Jones said. “SAP Emarsys Mobile Wallet makes this experience convenient for marketers and easy to implement and optimize so that the customer has the best possible shopping experience.”

SAP Emarsys customer City Beach, a popular surf and streetwear store, has embraced this strategy: Customer Lifecycle Manager James Neill added: “Mobile is the only channel that is always with the customer, so it’s a integral part of our omnichannel approach.” Mobile wallet expands our reach across different age groups, opening up a whole new set of use cases to better connect our digital and in-store experiences. The integration of a digital wallet increased customer loyalty through the personalization of products and shopping experiences across generations. The result? Customers can remain loyal to their favorite brands wherever they are.”

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