Scary Shots: These free apps will help you capture the scariest photos and videos

Do you want to create a horror video or are you looking for the best filter to make your photos scary? Are you looking for a good trick to scare your friends? And it doesn’t have to be Halloween to add that spooky touch to all the content created by your smartphone. Thanks to her, you can liven up your Instagram or Facebook stories and become the new TikTok sensation. So forget about always looking good in your selfies and get ready to become a ghost, a witch or the most terrifying zombie.

In today’s article, we are going to present you with a selection of the best free apps that you can use to create scary photos and videos to scare your friends. These are a real must have for any horror lover. Do not you believe it? Try them, download them and we assure you that you will become the new terror king in your neighborhood in no time. Here we go!


Become a zombie, werewolf, vampire or ghoul of the night in just a few seconds thanks to Monsterfy. With this awesome free application you can change your face and turn it into the monster or demon that you like the most (or that scares your friends the most).

Its operation is as simple as taking a selfie and choosing the kind of creepy creature you want to become. After that, you can add all kinds of animations, effects and stickers to bring life to your pictures. Although the application is completely free, if you want you can buy additional effects, e.g. B. It now looks like you’re drinking blood or throwing up, in the style of the girl from The Exorcist. Do you dare to try?

Zombie Booth 2

Witches, ghosts, vampires… Yes, all of these characters are great, but if one icon of terror has proven king over the past few years, it’s the zombie. ZombieBooth 2 will help you be one of them thanks to its simple mechanics: take a selfie, indicate where the eyes and mouth are and enjoy the result.

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Unlike other apps, ZombieBooth 2 doesn’t turn you into a static character, instead your portrait will be a moving zombie that growls and… dies! And it’s not for nothing that we’re talking about an improved version of the famous app that has reached more than 20 million downloads for its spectacular effects. Don’t miss it.

The Walking Dead: Kill Yourself

AMC’s acclaimed series may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the TWD universe. While you wait for the premiere of his long-awaited spin-offs… why not become a walker and scare your companions? With The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself you can turn into a scary zombie in seconds.

Following Zombie Booth, The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself does a spectacular job of turning every adorable selfie into a real nightmare. Just snap your photo, choose your mouth, face oval, nose and eyes and let the app do the rest – not even Rick Grimes himself could do that for you!

Corpse Cam photo editing booth

Zombies are all well and good, but if your friends go to work on ungodly mornings, they’re probably used to seeing people with undead faces. Why not try something else? Corpse Cam Photo Editing Booth is an excellent free app that contains more than 80 filters and masks to turn you into the terror of the social networks.

Using the app is extremely easy. Just take a picture or use one you already have in your phone’s gallery and place the guide on the victim’s face. Once this is done, her face will magically change into the monster of your choice. If you don’t like how it looks, just change the mask and hand edit the results – you’ll love it!

Paranormal Camera – Spooky Ghost Prank

So far we have offered you apps to turn your face into photos, but… How would you like to sabotage your friends’ pictures? Prank your friends with Paranormal Camera – Scary Ghost Prank, a fun app that lets you add ghosts and other terrifying creatures to your photos. The result is subtle but very natural, so much so that the odd Paranormal fan will think the photo you’re showing them has no retouching.

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To surprise your friends with Paranormal Camera, just take a picture of them, take one of the selfies they sent you and add a ghost to the picture. There are many to choose from, so pick the one that most closely resembles the background of the photo (or the one that you know will catch your co-worker’s attention). Then just mention that you see something strange in the snap… And the scare is guaranteed!

ghost camera

Ghost Camera for Android has a feature similar to Paranormal Camera that allows you to add spooky effects to your photos. However, this one works much better when you want to “track” a landscape or take a picture somewhere in a friend’s house. To do this, just snap a picture while you’re visiting, add a ghost to the room, and then don’t forget to look surprised when you show it to others and enjoy their amazed faces!

Ghost Camera is not only an excellent free app to add ghosts, but it also comes with other options such as: If you’re more into scary stories, Ghost Camera has what you’re looking for. And you can also enjoy a selection of frightening stories based on true events that will leave you cold. Do you dare?

horror cam

Want to add a chilling approach to your social media photos? You will love Horror Cam. This simple yet powerful free application includes an endless number of filters and effects to make your pics and snapshots look like they came from beyond the grave. And as the developers of the application announce, all Horror Cam effects are inspired by the best horror movies of all time.

To start using the app, just take a photo or use one you like from your phone’s gallery. Then select the filters and effects that most closely match the result you are looking for. Do you want to emulate a vampire, zombie, slasher or Japanese horror movie? Horror Cam has the filter you are looking for. In addition, once the edition is complete, you can share your creation on the usual social networks (Instagram, Facebook…) or upload it to the dedicated gallery that includes the app, where users share their best snaps.

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Creepy camera prank

Horror film fans with an Android smartphone also have the perfect photo editing app: Scary Camera Prank. With it, you can feature your favorite villains and monsters in each photo. Slender Man, Demorgorgon, Pennywise, Sadako from The Ring or Ghostface from Scream are just some of the few who can pay you a visit. Do you dare?

Scary Camera Prank stands out for being an app that, in addition to being very easy to use, gives very good results. Thanks to its system of filters and transparencies, any creature you choose will seem to come to life in each of your photos. Ideal for pranking your friends that they will never forget!

ghost lens

Horror fans don’t just live from photos. If you call yourself a fan of scary movies, chances are you’d like to direct one of them too. Thanks to this iPhone app, it’s now possible… more or less naturally.

Ghost Lens is a video recorder that lets you film and overlay different sequences to create the effect of interacting with your own ghost. The results can be spectacular thanks to the retouch options and the ability to add sound.

Bring out your frighteningly creative side

We hope that our selection of apps will help you not only surprise and scare your friends, but also have a great time with them. And like I said, you don’t need Halloween to enjoy a little scare.

And remember, if you liked what you read, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social networks!