Schneider Electric, Capgemini and Qualcomm are teaming up to advance the automated 5G solution

Barcelona, ​​27. February (IANS) – French company Schneider Electric, technology services group Capgemini and chipmaker Qualcomm announced their collaboration on a unique 5G-enabled automated lifting solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on Monday in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, 2023.

The three companies have developed an innovative end-to-end 5G private network solution that has the potential to transform industrial automation systems through advanced virtual connectivity.

“This breakthrough end-to-end solution for elevating private 5G networks is a perfect example of the power of collaboration as we test it at end-user sites this year. Additionally, in the near term, we will be validating more industrial 5G use cases in various discrete manufacturing, hybrid automation and process automation applications,” said Marc Lafont, vice president, Innovation and Upstream Marketing, Schneider Electric, in a statement.

The three companies partnered to design and install the solution at Schneider Electric’s lift laboratory in Grenoble, France.

“The 5G end-to-end solution adapted for Schneider Electric’s lifting system is a good example of the added value of 5G for industrial communications and illustrates its potential to transform an industry segment”, Fotis Karonis, Group Leader of 5G and Edge Computing at Capgemini said in a statement.

The 5G Private Network solution, which replaces wired connections with wireless and unifies existing wireless connections from Schneider Electric’s industrial automation system, shows how it can simplify and optimize the deployment of digital technology at scale in industrial sites from steel mills to ports, said Schneider Electric.

“By enabling a pre-integrated solution with multiple vendor choices along with Open RAN automation and management technology to streamline private network deployment, management and adaptability, we help reduce complexity and accelerate time to market globally.” , said Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Europe, Inc. and President, Qualcomm Europe/MEA, in a statement.

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Due to the low-latency native characteristics of 5G, it enables the system to replace fiber optic cables in remote control operations, thereby meeting the need to simplify network complexity, reduce cables and provide long-term reliable connectivity.