Schoolchildren Visit Library For The First Time, Internet Calls It ”Heartwarming”

Watch: Schoolchildren visit the library for the first time, the internet calls it 'heartwarming'

The video shows children individually entering a library

There is nothing quite like holding a book in your hands and flipping through the pages. We all remember the time when, as children, we first visited the school library with our classmates and were left amazed. One such wholesome video has surfaced on Twitter, showing a group of young students in Karnataka’s Bagalkote visiting a rural library for the first time.

Twitter user Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta posted the video under her personal name and captioned it: “Little Anganwadi children on their first visit to the rural library! Video shared by Vimala, PDO Girisagar, Bagalkote.”

Watch the video here:

In the video, Anganwadi children in school uniforms enter a library one by one. Then they sit in the chairs and leaf through the books excitedly while two teachers supervise them.

In a reply to her own tweet, Ms Uma added another video showing the children holding the books in their hands and reading with curiosity. In the caption, she wrote: “Learning to hold books in your hands. Many of them are first-generation learners.” A third image shows children looking at the camera and flashing adorable smiles.

Since publication, the video has received more than 11,000 views and nearly 670 likes. People loved the video and nostalgically remembered their childhood days.

One user reacted to the video, saying: “I still remember my first accidental entry into a public library in Madurai and the awe that I could buy any expensive illustrated book and sit and read, with no money! That opened the world to me. I hope these little tots explore the world too.” Another wrote, “The cutest pictures… heartwarming to see.” A third said, “They are very young but one day much later in life they will they fully appreciate this opportunity; because one of the greatest gifts in life is getting books and learning to love them.” “Super cute kids full of curiosity,” posted another.

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