‘Scurrilous and malicious attempt’, BCI slams letter against Justice DY Chandrachud

New Delhi, October 9 : The Bar Council of India (BCI) has dismissed a letter of allegations against Acting Supreme Court Justice Judge DY Chandrachud, saying some people with interests have made a whimsical and malicious attempt to get into the workings of the judiciary and to intervene in the administration of justice.

In a press release, the BCI said: “A Mr. RK Pathan, who claims to be the President of a so-called ‘Supreme Court and High Court Litigant Association’, is said to have filed a complaint against the senior judge of the Supreme Court. Judge DY Chandrachud. Such posts and letters from Mr. RK Pathan are being made viral by a few people (who we know are also 2-3 lawyers from Mumbai) intentionally on the eve of Chandrachud’s appointment as Chief Justice of India.”

The BCI said it thoroughly examined the contents of the 165-page letter and found it to be merely a whimsical and malicious attempt to interfere with the functioning of the judiciary and the administration of justice.

The BCI said the timing of the complaint highlights the malicious purpose behind this fake and false complaint. “The people of the country are smart enough to understand the truth and the reason behind such a post at this moment. People can easily understand why this man slept for so long. Apparently he was waiting for the letter from the Union Minister of Law and Justice asking for the name of the successor to the Chief Justice of India,” the BCI added to the complaint, which had gone viral online.

The BCI said such a growing trend is really a cause of serious concern for the country and definitely needs to be checked. “Bar Council of India has carefully considered the complaint. The content of the complaint itself exposes the frivolity of the allegations and the malicious purpose and intent behind them,” the BCI statement said.

The BCI said it had been informed that Pathan and two other lawyers were also found guilty of contempt and all three were sentenced by the Supreme Court to three months’ simple imprisonment. “According to some senior members and officers of the State Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, this is not the only case; Earlier, Rashid Khan Pathan had made bizarre and scandalous allegations against a sitting Bombay High Court judge. The Bombay High Court issued a show cause notice, noting that the statements made were an attempt to scandalize the court and a calculated attempt to interfere with the administration of justice,” he added.

The BCI said everyone can easily smell that Pathan represents not an “association of litigants” but his small group of Mumbai lawyers who are used to taking on such evil intentions. “These people didn’t even spare the judge’s son DY Chandrachud. It’s really very shocking. This long letter is nothing but a means of cheaply gaining popularity. This man has also defamed the litigant mass of our country. That too is very sad. Such individuals deserve severe penalties and discipline. The quotes have nothing to do with the content of the letter,” he added.

It further added: “The Bar Council of India calls upon the dignitaries to whom this scandalous letter is addressed and also the honorable members of the Bar Association as well as the prudent citizens of our country to ignore such baseless posts and to discourage such anti-institutional people.” who indulge in defamation of the judiciary and constantly seek to weaken the Supreme Court.”