Second Nokia tablet promises portable power

The second Nokia tablet, the Nokia T10, was launched by HMD Global and promises a durable and compact device for the family.

The company says it’s built to last longer through a combination of durability, frequent security updates and guaranteed Android software upgrades, with Android 12 running out of the box.

“We entered the tablet category with the Nokia T20 and have been encouraged by the positive feedback from our fans and users,” said Adam Ferguson, director of product marketing at HMD Global. “Nokia T10 offers the same durability and robustness that made the T20 so popular, but in a more compact design to make it even more versatile.”

The Nokia T10 has a bright 8-inch HD display and stereo speakers with OZO playback, which ensure clear sound and a detailed picture in most settings, whether you’re answering video calls from home or streaming TV shows on the go.

It also has a second screen capability, making it an extension of a PC display and a convenient way to maximize productivity. It also leverages Google Entertainment Space, a one-stop shop for content where subscription services are consolidated.

Ideal for the whole family, it includes Google Kids Space which includes a library of content including apps, games, books and videos for them to use to explore, learn and discover. It works with Google’s Family Link app and allows users to control the children’s experience by managing content and setting screen time limits.

Face Unlock adds a layer of personalized security to the Nokia T10 and makes personal information accessible at a glance. Mask mode means you can unlock the Nokia T10 even while wearing a face covering.

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The Nokia T10 stays current and secure longer with three versions of Android and three years of monthly security updates. The solid, durable unibody polymer design with a nano-textured finish helps hide the appearance of scratches, keeping the tablet looking new for longer. You can pass it on to younger family members when it’s time for a new device and it will still look fresh. A smooth matte ceramic bead coating changes color depending on lighting conditions for a premium look at an affordable price.

Prices and Availability

The Nokia T10 (Wi-Fi) is available from Takealot priced at R2,999 and is available in 3/32 memory and memory configurations.
The Nokia T10 (LTE & Wi-Fi) is available from Takealot priced at R3,199 and comes in 3/32 memory and memory configurations.