Secret code teachers use when we talk to parents about their child

Maybe think twice the next time you get an email from your child’s teacher.

A TikTok account under the username @bored_teachers reveals the “secret code” teachers use to communicate with parents via email about their children.

The account often shares fun content from different creators about what it’s like to be a teacher, and some even share stories about their classroom experiences.

The viral video has already garnered over 67,000 views on the social media app.

“We have a code when we email parents,” the teacher revealed in the video.

She went on to explain the true meaning behind the commonly used terms.

“When we use phrases like ‘Your child is very social,’ it means they don’t stop talking,” the TikToker said in the 19-second clip.

The TikTok account under the name @bored_teachers revealed they have a “secret code” when emailing parents about their children. She joked about the code, which she emails to parents. TikTok/ @bored_teachers

She continued, explaining that when teachers say your child’s excitement is contagious, it means they “don’t calm down.”

Finally, the TikTok creator revealed, “If you’re a ‘natural born leader,’ your kid is super bossy.”

The Post has reached out to the account for comment.

In response, some users appeared to identify themselves with the teacher’s code.

“I can 100% confirm that,” commented one viewer.

Another agreed, writing: “So so accurate 😂😂”

“‘Your son will make a great lawyer,’ which is code for your kid won’t stop arguing with me,” joked another.

However, others felt that the teacher should be more direct and tell the parents what is really going on.

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“I take things literally,” typed one user. “I wouldn’t know this is a code. Just tell me how it is.”

“When we use phrases like ‘Your child is very social,’ it means they don’t stop talking,” the TikTok creator said in the clip.

One teacher criticized: “I’m a teacher and I don’t use these ‘codes’. It doesn’t help anyone to sugarcoat a problem. I stick to facts and observations. I’ve never had a problem with a parenting relationship when I’m direct but respectful and cooperative. 🤷🏼‍♀️”

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