Secrets Password Manager For MacOS And IOS 2022 REVIEW

Secrets Password Manager for macOS and iOS


Secrets is a good option as a password manager. It has a clean, intuitive interface and it is very easy to navigate the app. The price is fair but you have to pay separately for different platforms. There are a few minor changes to functionality that I’d suggest (see the review for details), but this doesn’t impact the overall use of the app.

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Secrets is a solid option for your online security.

For many years I wrote my passwords down on a piece of paper. Then I moved that list into a table. After that, I started using the same password for every login I had. All these password saving methods are 100% insecure and exactly what you should not do. What you should do is use a password manager, an application designed to help users save all their important information, including usernames, passwords, and other information they want to keep safe.

Password managers typically have a central repository or “vault” where data is securely stored. Many password managers also have the ability to generate strong, unique passwords for users’ accounts and even fill in user credentials on websites and apps.

According to, only one in five Americans currently uses a password manager. Even though a third of all Americans will have their identity or online credentials compromised by 2021, using a password manager is still not a widespread practice, even though there are many different options to choose from. One such password manager is Secrets.


Secrets is a password manager that offers users an easy and secure way to store passwords and protect digital wallet information. It allows you to securely store passwords, credit cards, bank details and more. A user’s data is stored with modern cryptographic algorithms such as XSalsa20 and XChaCha20 using 256-bit keys. User data stays in the Secrets app, where it is processed and decrypted.

Secrets password manager
Setup steps for macOS version

Browser extensions and helper apps point to Secrets to access your data. Secrets automatically locks when you leave to protect your information—even if your device is lost or stolen. The app can only be accessed with the master password that unlocks the vault.

The Secrets app has a built-in password generator that provides unique passwords that are unpredictable. The app also performs a security check on your logins to find weak, old, or broken passwords.

Secrets was originally released for macOS and iOS in 2016. It was a featured app in the Mac App Store in February 2017 and was added to Setapp in January 2018. In September 2020 Secrets for Windows/Linux was released.

Secrets is developed by a small Lisbon-based software studio called Outer Corner, run by Paulo Andrade. Andrade has been developing for iOS since the iPhone SDK was first introduced in 2008. The app is built in AppKit and UIKit using Objective-C as the programming language (the code base predates Swift).

When the app launched in Product Hunt, Andrade said this about the password manager when asked about its appeal to someone already using an established product.

Secrets password manager
Interface – macOS version

At Secrets, security comes first. Secrets stores your data using the OpenPGP standard, a battle-tested standard that has already seen a few revisions. This also allows users to easily check for themselves how their data is being stored using third-party tools.

We also tried to make it extremely easy to work with, not only from a UX point of view but also from a security point of view. By not having browser extensions and helper apps asking for your passphrase, we reduce the attack vectors on your data. Note that we still have a browser autofill feature, we simply do this from outside the browser using other OS features. It was a goal from the start not to run any code in your browser.

Secrets password manager
Software vault with menu – macOS version

Privacy Policy

According to the App Store, Secrets collects data that is not linked to the user, including usage data and diagnostics. Click here to read the full privacy statement.

main properties

  • iCloud sync: Seamlessly sync Secrets to your iPhone, iPad or Mac to access your information anywhere.
  • Password generator: Get rid of all those passwords. Create unique and secure passwords for all your logins.
  • Autofill: Better than copy & paste. Use Secrets to automatically fill in credentials in Safari and other browsers.
  • Two-factor authentication: Generate one-time passwords for services that support two-factor authentication, including Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.
  • Quick Unlock: Unlock secrets without entering your passphrase with Touch ID or your Apple Watch.
  • Import: Transfer passwords and other information from apps like 1Password and LastPass to Secrets.
  • Simple pricing: No subscriptions. Free for up to 10 items. Unlock unlimited items with an in-app purchase for $19.99.
  • Browser Extensions: Safari support is built in and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi are also available.
  • Attachments: Because your private data must not only consist of text… You can attach files to your articles and also have them kept safe.
  • Safety first: Cryptography is difficult, we know that. That’s why we rely on the popular Sodium library and use modern cryptos like XSalsa20 and Poly1305. Learn more >
  • Beautifully simple: Keeping your information safe online is easy with our simple and beautifully designed app.
  • Not just passwords: Use Secrets to store notes, credit card numbers, bank details, and other sensitive information.
Secrets password manager
iOS version settings

Prices and Availability

Secrets can be used for up to 10 items for free. Unlimited items can be accessed by paying $19.99 for the premium version. The password manager is available for macOS and iOS and separate premium licenses must be purchased for each version. Secrets is also available via Setapp.

user experience

Secrets is a very impressive suite of apps. The user interface design is outstanding. It’s very clean and intuitive. One of the more impressive aspects of this app was how easy it was to import records. My logins were mostly stored in my Apple keychain. I could easily export all this information to a CSV file and then select it as import data. I made sure the data fields matched between CSV and Secrets, but otherwise Secrets did a great job importing and parsing the data.

Secrets password manager
iOS screenshots
Secrets October 2022 007
iOS screenshots

I’ve been using Secrets on my Mac (via Setapp) and on my iPhone for a few months now and in general it’s been a pleasant experience. As far as security is concerned, I haven’t experienced any problems with it how the app works and haven’t found any potential security risks. That said, there are a few upgrades I’d like to see.

Hidden Mac App

When using Secrets on the macOS side, the full app must be open for the extension to work in Safari or Menu Utility. I would like to see the full app become a “hidden” app. By that I mean you don’t have the app actively open and the app’s icon in the Finder dock isn’t open unless you open it manually. I don’t like having a full app open when it’s not necessary. There are other password managers that fulfill this functionality. So I hope Secrets can do that in the future too.

Autofill on Mac

The overall experience with the iOS version of Secrets is buttery smooth. It just works. I found the macOS version a bit bumpy in places. The autofill feature was one of those places. If you set Secrets as the default password manager for autofill purposes in Safari, a separate app window will open to verify credentials. This is a bit different than what I’ve experienced with other password managers. These apps usually sit in the input fields as a widget, rather than opening an entirely separate window.

Secrets password manager
Autofill on Safari from macOS version

More frequent updates

Another thing I would wish for Secrets is more frequent updates. At the time of writing this article, Secrets was last updated 3 months ago (on both Mac and iOS). Even if no major features are released, I think bugs or security updates should be more frequent.


A password manager is a great way to keep your passwords safe, and Secrets is a solid option for macOS and iOS users. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that make it the best option for most people. Plus, it’s affordable and comes with a free trial so you can try before you buy.

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